The rehabilitate of precision of main shaft of XA5032 vertical milling machine

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Summary: Analyse the account that precision of main shaft of XA5032 vertical milling machine loses, took corresponding repair step. Keyword: Main shaft component; Repair measure; Main shaft; Brush plating; Bearing; The graph in increasing negative charge beforehand classifies date: TG541.

1 document label piles up: Component of main shaft of BXA5032 vertical milling machine (if pursue 1) precision loses cause by the following reason normally: (1) is become when 12 pines take off bolt, because adjust annulus 2 it is two half annulus, produce radial deflection so, with bearing 3 outer lane produce attrition to cause bearing 3, adjust annulus 2, the circle outside main shaft taper seat and photograph adjacent is injured; (2) bearing D3182118 (3) or bearing E46117 (5) inside, outside raceway generation wears away. Be aimed at the breakdown feature with different above, take following corresponding repair step. One, the repair XA5032 that the cone outside main shaft injures establishs 1:1 of front of mill main shaft2 outside cone is bearing the installation datum plane of 3, left outside the circle is to adjust annulus the installation datum plane of 2, they between wear away precision of influence main shaft and cutting function. This second repair use brush plating technology to have repair. Brush plating is main the advantage is brush film and main shaft material pledge (45# steel) combinative strength is more than 70N/mm2, workpiece heats temperature is less than 70 ℃ , won't cause main shaft to be out of shape change with metallographic, the rehabilitate that can satisfy main shaft asks. 1. Tap water of clean → of report of → of preparation of machinery of surface of technological process main shaft rinses brush plating tap water of → of activation of → 1# activating solution rinses tap water of → of activation of → 3# activating solution to rinse → not to have report to wipe → to brush → of layer of render of nickel of plating special type to brush plating fast nickel makes dimension layer come plating of formulary ply → . 2. Brush plating technological process content (mechanical preparation places main shaft outfit on lathe before 1) plating, part repair two end aperture of 60 ° center, ra0 of exterior surface roughness.

8. Go up next all-purpose cylindrical grinder grinds 1:1 definitely with central Kong Weiji2 outside cone and left outside field, grind a quantity less better. Wash the face that wait for plating with acetone next, use paper of polyester fibber glue will not the adjacent place of plating is stickup protection is good, in case by accident plating. (2) report is completely on afore-mentioned foundations that clear, with report clean fluid electrify handles workpiece to treat plating surface, go oil divides rust. Go oily standard is to develop film of the water when water to be able to be in workpiece surface is even and apart. Notice electric only time wants short, in order to reduce workpiece ooze hydrogen. (3) activation chooses appropriate activating solution to undertake activation to workpiece surface, make with the oxidation film of eliminate workpiece surface workpiece surface shows metallic matrix, for film and matrix good union creates a condition. But should notice to because time of big, activation grows electric current,avoid, workpiece temperature rise is big and the workpiece appearance that create produces oxidation layer. Discovery should keep clear of clean instantly after oxidation layer. (4) is brushed transfer the layer is on the foundation of activation, back-to-back move brushs plating special nickel serves as transfer layer, its brush film thick 2 μ M can. Brush plating it basically is to increase the combinative strength of film and matrix and stability. (5) brushs plating job layer to brush plating to transfer plating job layer is brushed after the layer fast nickel, need not bath. After wiping 3~5 μ M without report first, polarity, voltage, rotate speed is changeless can electrify brushs plating then. With main shaft of lukewarm leach bubble, fluid giving plating heats 50 ℃ , low electricity is used when beginning plating, increase electric current gradually next, because main shaft and plating fluid temperature pass,avoid low and choose tall voltage, big electric current to cause film stress to cross big, craze of coating to come off. (The ending after 6) brush plating handles eliminate to protect zincous screen content, clean the plating fluid that remains on workpiece, make antirust processing. (Film of 7) main shaft restores the machining of dimension to place main shaft outfit on all-purpose cylindrical grinder, choose green carborundum emery wheel. Because nickel film does not have scintilla when grinding, be opposite to facilitate knife, in pink of the red lead on the besmear on film. Because of 1:12 outside cone is main aspects has only wear away, need to search only so 1:12 outside the bedding face that cone did not injure, restore film to be in grinding to receive smooth; Also can deserve to grind with the taper hole of new bearing, chromatic enclothe rate achieve 80 % above can. Of E46117 of nextpage2, bearing add bear job to be the stiffness that raises main shaft bearing beforehand, reduce momentum of change of main shaft axial, answer bearing E46117 to bring to bear on to increase negative charge beforehand, make roll the generation between body and annulus of inside and outside is out of shape beforehand, in order to eliminate gap, raise an axis to rotate precision and tigidity, reduce vibration and noise, improve bearing bear uniformity and service life. Bearing adds bear to bring to bear on beforehand the method is as follows. 1. Bearing E46117 carries type on the back to be configured in couples for back, bring to bear on to if the graph is shown 2 times,impose the working principle of bear beforehand. Condition just in time is being set in the graph is the actual condition that bearing assembles in main shaft. Add bear F to pass round cake beforehand 1, detect washerbed down the livestock 3, underlay 4 will add bear to bring to bear on beforehand on conjugate bearing, base 5 for bearing body. With internal diameter dial gauge the 6 intervals that measure end panel of bearing inner ring. 2. Detect to what bearing brings to bear on to increase negative charge beforehand preparation (1) is pressed the smallest tighten bear F to plan a heavy thing beforehand; (2) makes round cake by the requirement 1 with underlay 4; (3) presses nominal dimension (ply) the graph that make 1 medium outer shroud 6, core 7 with the graph 2 detect mediumly washerbed down the livestock 3 each one. 3 two end panel want essence of life to grind etc thick, parallelism allow is poor 0.

002mm, ra0 of exterior surface roughness.

4. Detect washerbed down the livestock presses a plan 3 in circumferential a 30 ° breach, so that measure. 3. Detect process according to the graph 2 place bearing and add axial force F, internal diameter dial gauge 6 measure a head from detect place of 30 ° breach extends washerbed down the livestock to bearing core end panel between, what internal diameter dial gauge shows measure, it is namely inside dimension of ply of washerbed down the livestock. For accurate without by accident, measure what should become 120 ° in each other aspirant at 3 o'clock travel, take its average and record. Again according to income data again essence of life grinds a graph 1 medium core end panel, will pursue 1 medium outer shroud is replaced detect washerbed down the livestock can be assembled. 3, the radial of bearing D3182118 tightens working bearing beforehand taper of aperture of 3 inner cone is 1:12 as suitable as the cone outside main shaft. Through screwing nut 9 can make bearing core axial mobile, generation expands, arise in order to eliminate bearing radial windage to be out of shape beforehand certainly. Main shaft subassembly is debugged in, should accurate measure precision of main shaft geometry, be like radial and jumpy out of tolerance 0.

01 Mm, answer adjust annulus 2 ply abrasion 0.

12mm, can eliminate bearing about 0.

The bottom clearance of 01 Mm (adjust annulus 2 ply already had surplus beforehand) . CNC Milling