Metallurgy company network makes a system

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Analyse the characteristic that metallurgy company network makes, according to the character of metallurgy enterprise, build metallurgy company network to make a kind of of the system total construction, network of company of key discussion metallurgy makes a system medium company natural resources plans and make executive system, give out case of an actual application. Metallurgy company network is made is to be on the base that gets place of pull current Cheng to want complete information, dispersive control system, production attempers system and management are decision-making the organic ground such as the system is compositive rise, apply processing technique of technology of automation technology, IT, computer, production and modern management science integratedly, set out from the overall situation that produces a course, through all sorts of information that want to producing mobile place compositive, collect control, monitor, optimize, attemper, management, manage, decision-making at an organic whole, form to be able to get used to all sorts of production environments and market demand, overall and best, the modern company of high quality, cost-effective, Gao Rou sex is integrated automation system, raise the business economic benefits, goal that gets used to ability and competitive ability in order to achieve. Traditional company network production construction of system by technology of management and project two respects are comprised. Management basically is forecasted by the market, balance of manufacturing plan, ability, exercise is adjusted, the composition such as collect of task allocation, operating mode and statistical activity, the main technique that supports management to run efficiency has ERP, JIT, OPT to wait. Project technology respect, advocate if be engaged in designing a product to shape by product idea,the project in the process makes an activity, by products plan, craft program, stock is carried and the activity such as quality inspection is comprised, the technology that makes sure the project runs efficiency has a lot of, wait like CAD, CAM, CAPP, NC, DNC, FMS. The target that company network makes is the competition ability that enhances a business and nimble sex, answer the change of the market quickly. The characteristic metallurgical industry that metallurgy company network makes each working procedure is successive, between a lot of working procedure join disperse [3] , have the characteristic of mixture process industry. In management and project technology two respects, the characteristic that metallurgy company network makes basically is reflected in a few following respects. 1) managemant decision respect: Basically pass produce firmly, high yield, improve product measure and quality, reduce specific power consumption and raw material, reduce pollution to improve productivity, increase economic benefits, metallurgy enterprise pays attention to the management that the capital in producing a course sheds more. 2) plans a respect in production: Undertake through process structure and recipe stock demand plans, consider productivity and stock at the same time commonly; The production that metallurgy company network makes faces inventory, have the idea of work sheet hardly, modulatory time also can be not offerred in work plan. 3) is attempering administrative field: Consideration product recipe, product mixes, the problem such as prevention and cure of stock balance, pollution, need undertakes major product, by-product, assist the management of product, reject, finished product, semi-manufactured goods and circumfluence content, the hot vapour, refrigerant water, compositive frame that compresses the support system of dynamical energy resources such as air, water, report to also should bring into network to make; Those who produce a course is flexible be to rely on to change the content between all sorts of equipment to flow to allocate and produce the working place of device to come true, must by advanced online optimize, control technology will assure. 4) runs a side in quality: The product examines with sampling means is given priority to, use statistical quality control, do not need alone quality management subsystem commonly, requirement product examines to come true with system of manufacturing process control, management compositive. 5) is in information processing respect: Ask real time is online collect much manufacturing process data, craft quality data, facility status data to wait, want to process much dynamic data in time, save a lot of history data, analyse the trend of process variable, give with the form of chart, graph show; Project database basically is the data of a few real time that reflects manufacturing process condition, wait like parameter of status of process variable, facility, craft. 6) is in respect of sex of on the safe side: As a result of production successional and large change, the efficient, safety that assures production, stability moves, achieve stable, high yield, ability gets the biggest economic benefits, must realize the dynamic monitoring of total production process, make its become network to make the indispensable one part in compositive system. 7) designs a respect in the project: Process of new product development need not manage with normal production and make a process compositive, need not include a project to design subsystem. 8) is in action respect of the person: As a result of production successional, emphasize the importance of fundamental automation more, rate of automation of manufacturing treatment process is higher, the person's action basically is surveillant production facilities move, adjust moving parameter, do not need to operate personnel to be participated in directly commonly. 9) studies in theory respect: In architecture, flexible production, optimize attemper, the respect such as compositive mode and compositive environment lacks effective academic guidance, earnestly needs to undertake relevant theory studies. The overall target that network of company of metallurgy of production system of metallurgy company network makes is to apply contemporary computer technology, management technique, automation technology, communication technology and systematic project technology integratedly to wait, below the support of computer network and database, process of battalion of already of look forward to medium person, technology and management fashion an organic whole, yield in order to throw information is a foundation, run the company and produce each segment in the process, include market information, goods and materials to supply, the lay aside, production, content in selling a process sheds the storehouse the capital in have enough to meet need of information, capital sheds information and management to control information to wait compositive rise, wait to process of the managemant decision of the enterprise, management activity, production undertake all-around direct and control, enhance the ability of market meet an emergency of the enterprise thereby, improve the moving efficiency of whole industry and beneficial result. The total construction of production system of metallurgy company network has dimensions mostly as a result of metallurgy enterprise large change, vast region of unifinication yield be in harmony, management diversity, member diversity, market is changed even internationalization, layout is changed dispersedly, administrative levels of structure of administrative culture diversity, organization is changed wait for main characteristic, most metallurgy enterprise is industry group. Accordingly the compose of its network production system accomplishs what can compare single company network to make a system to form complex much, its are overall the structure is shown 1 times like the graph. The structure of production system of metallurgy company network is mixed by layer of the layer that prop up, group layer, 2 class factories and mines, platform layer 5 levels form other layer. Graph 1) of a kind of when 1 assist makes a system into company network total construction props up a layer: Basically include computer network (Intranet, Extranet, Internet) and safe system, database system (distributed database) wait with standardization support system. 2) group layer: The in-house network that basically points to group level makes a system, basically be management function, possibly also new steel is planted function of automation of workshop of product development function is general weaker (some did not produce a workshop even) but the likelihood has as similar as workshop function directly under department (like stereo storehouse) accordingly group layer basically includes group management information system (MIS) , production automation. 2 class of 3) layer of factories and mines: Belong to 2 stage business, although have certain and own right but right of administration is not complete, purchase in managemant decision, raw material, the leader that the many sided such as product sale, human affairs management wants to accept group company and restrict, should lose on management function accordingly some, also can be restricted certainly likely on products plan, 2 class factories and mines and group company are mixed on the function there all is close connection on information, there is certain connection between 2 class factories and mines, be like industry group inside child exist between the enterprise on, the relation of downstream factory, namely the raw material that product of a factory is another factory. 4) platform layer: Basically show group company is reached secondly class factories and mines external information is compositive platform, belong to group company and each subsidiary exterior network makes a system, its are main the function includes subsystem of electronic business affairs, supply chain management subsystem, long-range equipment to monitor wait with diagnostic subsystem. 5) other layer: Basically point to a group besides and the essential factor that has close tie with the group assembles, include place of courtyard of enterprise of a few half close together layer, supplier, client, agency, college, scientific research, government and superior to be in charge of a branch to wait. Production system of metallurgy company network is mutiple level give rank compositive system, normally cent controls layer, process to optimize layer, production to attemper for the process layer, business management layer and managemant decision layer, if pursue,2 are shown. Graph production system of network of 2 metallurgy company is given rank accuse network of metallurgy of n/arc drafting Nextpage to make through information compositive those who will realize each component is organic and compositive, compositive technical measure is bus line of all sorts of computer network, distributed database, spot appearance, spot, those who produce a course is flexible and main those who rely on to content flows and produce device to handle an aspect is online optimize, build current model to assure, especially system of distributing center control (the application of DCS) , distributed database and environment of network of server of client computer P, those who make metallurgy network is made is flexible increase greatly. Long-term since, manufacturing process optimizes control to be taken seriously in metallurgical industry enterprise by height. The wide application of DCS, the application that producing a course for control of old system theory, intelligence provided strong technical tool, make process automation broke through the local control mode that is core with advanced control algorithm, enter a canal to dominate the new period of unifinication. Those who be worth to point out is, what produce as a result of metallurgical industry is successional and large change, more important place is had in company natural resources plans and executive system is being made in metallurgy company network, it is metallurgy company network is made whether play is due the crucial place of action. Metallurgy company network makes medium ERPERP system is the main component of production system of metallurgy company network, it is in charge of producing a plan to make, inventory control and financial management, of the respect such as organization of production of side overweight company, production management, managemant decision optimize. On software function composition, system of metallurgy enterprise ERP should be included before MRP - the function of II system, if produce plan, manufacturing operation plan, stock demand plan, sale,management, procurement control, cost management, inventory management, financial management reachs manufacturing data management; In the meantime, the changeover of the smelt recipe government that system of metallurgical industry ERP still added to reflect metallurgical industry characteristic, unit of measurement, assist management of operation of product, by-product, metallurgy, maintain the function such as management. For example, metallurgical industry is existing periodic product line jockeys overhaul program, ERP system can produce the daily information of whole process through collect and handling a business, the overhaul that makes economy and science is decision-making plan. Metallurgical industry ERP still includes management of overall quality information, include product quality, craft quality and working quality, and as compositive as EDI(Electronic DataInterchange) , accept the information such as the contract that transmits from client EDI system, order, from information of Wu of the credit that bank EDI system transmits, Zhang, send to custom EDI system declare at customs information, send to supplier EDI system purchase order information to wait, undertake through EDI information network the information between commerce associate conveys. Divide this beyond, the characteristic main body of the ERP system in production system of metallurgy company network produces plan and control field now: Advocate produce a plan make Ying Yian complete, stable, long-term, full load, high grade production is a target, undertake limited ability plans; The successional characteristic that metallurgy produces decided it is right include advocate the real time sex of the ERP system function that production plans to wait inside has higher demand; Metallurgy informatization uses process structure and certain recipe to undertake stock demand plans; Consider productivity and stock at the same time; Company production needs to consider to undertake assist government of thing of product, by-product, reject, circumfluence. Anyhow, ERP system should have the function that uses technically at metallurgy industry, accord with thought of modern business management, receive promotion application ceaselessly in metallurgical industry, the main component in metallurgical industry informatization is made on administrative levels of management information system. Metallurgy company network makes medium MES make executive system (Manufacturing Execution System, MES) is to be in the executive layer between plan layer and control layer, responsible production manages and basically attemper carry out. It includes instruction of stock, equipment, personnel, metallurgy and establishment through control inside all factory resource will enhance production competition ability, offerred a kind to be systematically on unified platform control of quality of compositive such as, documentation management, production attempers the means that waits for a function. Produce kind as metallurgical industry by face inventory production to turn to be produced to face order, company natural resources plans (ERP) system need is real time manufacturing information is auxiliary have managemant decision and order government. But the information such as the state information that comes from manufacturing site and the product plan that produce data and can not reflect operator place to care forthrightly and quality change. Accordingly, need MES plans in company natural resources and the changeover of information is offerred between Cheng control too. MES implements the plan that makes by ERP, attemper according to producing information to adjust production to make in real time, use concerned resource and the accurate information of inventory circumstance provides ERP system in real time. MES will collect the manufacturing data that come and quality index to undertake contrast and analysis from DCS, in order to offer the quality control of closed circuit. Visible, MES is the information ligament between ERP and DCS, it is the core that metallurgical industry network makes. Metallurgy company network is made in, the function of MES software system basically includes P of stock management, resource management, exercise order government, quality management, operation management and trade laws and regulations manage etc. The characteristic of the MES of metallurgy enterprise basically is reflected in a few following respects. Environment of 1) metallurgical industry production is harsh, manufacturing process includes complex physics, chemical course, reach all sorts of mutation and uncertainty element, start especially, each operation that ceases the transient process such as machine and lash-up processing, affect manufacturing efficiency not only, and existing safe hidden trouble. Accordingly, operation management is a of the MES in metallurgy informatization main task, operation measure and standard are observed in be in charge of controlling each operation that executes in place, in successive, mix reach intermittence to produce an environment to fall to offer equipment to start for operator, move smoothly reach the level that stays the course such as machine to handle an instruction. Of the MES in 2) metallurgy enterprise attemper decision-making function need offers optimal control strategy to stock and energy, in the meantime, decision-making produce in order to rise not only efficiency and reduce manufacturing cost to be a target, still answer will economic energy resources, reduce the target such as pollution to consider inside. Of the MES in 3) metallurgy enterprise decision-making have jumbly sex, include successive process variable not only, and include disperse process variable. Produce process and product quality to undertake controlling for opposite, must build report successive process is main physics, chemical process imitate model of change, and the process model and optimize model union to rise. Normally MES is a very old integral software system, its are custom-built with maintenance cost very tall. Support technical development as the computer, make development more modular, provide flexible MES system to become a possibility more, the cost that carry out and maintains MES will be reduced greatly. MES regards metallurgy company network as made core, wide applied perspective is had in the integrated automation process of metallurgical industry. Give typical examples makes a system as a result of metallurgy company network is a complex old system, here only with the 2nd hot-rolling of some steely company factory network produces the stock in the process to control a system to be exemple try to explain. If pursue,3 are shown. This system cent is 4 class: Manufacturing management system (include inside system of group company MIS) , production controls a system (the 3rd class) , the process controls a system (the 2nd class) with fundamental automation system () of the first class. Hot-rolling produces a process to include contract management to be produced to the organization, taste to steel roll into from board base put in storage leave factory, from board base outfit furnace arrives curly coil into steel, control electric drive from appearance, carry out management and control by the computer entirely. From the point of manufacturing organization respect, this system is in charge of accepting manufacturing management system (as compositive as group company MIS and steelworks MIS) all sorts of production plans of make known to lower levels and control instruction, for producing an operation personnel basis is produced and the actual condition of equipment undertakes through man-machine interaction means the spot is adjusted in real time, and make known to lower levels controls a system to the process, carry out the organization that produces a course; Control system, fundamental automation system and manufacturing line to collect all sorts of production gain from the process with communication and man-machine interaction means at the same time, save stand-by, return manufacturing management system. Graph network of factory of 3 some hot-rolling makes content shed a system to look from field of iformation flow management, this system accepts the board base information of the steelworks, coil according to steel gain, coil steel information conveys the working procedure from the back (line of line of 2 hot-rolling finishing, one hot-rolling finishing, one / ) of factory of 2 cold rolling; Be in charge of 3 libraries (board base library, steel coils library, warehouse for finished product) content sheds operation management. The main function of this system includes: Board base manages, rolling plans to carry out management, rolling line gain is collected, steel coils library management, steel curl goods plans to carry out management, finishing plans to carry out management, finishing line operation manages, finished product management, finished product delivers goods the plan carries out management, the function such as quality management. CNC Milling