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Current, global manufacturer is paying close attention to ceaselessly online measure, because be in on machining center when solid reality,measure can promote production efficiency considerably. Those who be used at CNC Machining center is online the generation with measure software to allow manufacturer very easy is true metric detect program, use the equipment that finish to setting, process detects or be in machine detect the task. PC-DMIS NC uses for institute of all sorts of CNC Machining center at present: Vertical grinder, horizontal grinder, lathe and muti_function machining center. The likelihood uses machining center to realize the G that in what the line measures the biggest protective screen depends on using a convention or M code is hard to arise to the data that substantial meaning goes up is collected and feedback. As true online the occurrence that measures software, all obstacles disappeared. These products allow process designing personnel to use a single software platform to develop those who suit different machining center to detect program, can detect in the generation inside short time the setting of the process work that finish and detect the task. Current, the increasing manufacturer on the world is being used in the consideration online survey plan, make choice of is appropriate online survey software system, aim to blend in production process. Main reason depends on: Online metrical dominant position is real online measure software, unlike the exploration unit that machining center manufacturer offers, in do not need to move workpiece to measure the circumstance of machine to fall, allow to use the look forring with an executive powerful function, data is collected, analysis and report function. Online the main feature that measures software includes: Be based on the process designing of CAD. Provided function of frequent to program, can undertake automatically evaluating to the crucial geometry feature of workpiece, undertake workpiece searchs to be being calculated of treatment and cutting tool slant buy. Online to this kind measure the job, software allows to guide the model of machine tool and workpiece, will measure working fact to machine dimensional imitate now thereby, and produce the detecting of the spare parts automatically program. Additional, the user can execute process designing mission below off line circumstance, saved the time that takes up machining center undertakes the program is developed detecting. The mathematical processing technique that measure a head. The program of exploration system calibration of a lot of CNC Machining centers can offer monaxial to explore systematic calibration method only, increased to measure the error of the head so, be hard to undertake below three-dimensional condition fast and accurate workpiece detects. True metric software, those who use ball of a standard to undertake measuring a head is corrective, can more accurate finish measure the task. In the meantime, metric software is returned can graduation is measured, can undertake metrical in the aleatoric position of three dimensional space. Parameter process designing. Use true metric software, user can from existing measure the program with the new authorized strength on the program. This detects to having the work of the group to program especially effective, it is OK to in needing to be expressed in a parameter only, undertake changing numericly. Such, the program is written calm, can be similar workpiece generation to detect with the least vigor program. Integrated statistic and report function. True metric software package can provide statistic and report function, function strong, facilitating understanding mixes powerful, flexibility distribute. Online the user that measures software, obtain these functions through the definition. Such, give an user instant, the feedback that has direct sense, the tool that uses guidance to be born to produce a course and offer statistic to analyse undertakes monitoring and promotion makes the property of flow. Next, can use this function to depend on those who measure a result to have machine program to adjust. Data history. The user can be used detect the memory that the program has metrical data. This means an user to be able to use these data to undertake the problem of workpiece or workpiece feature is analysed. For example, if how those who repeat a question happen, the user can undertake inquiring through historical data, and do not need remeasure pron any thing. The analytic function of data of this kind of history can shorten significantly the time that solving the place on the problem to use. Through the algorithm of test and verify. Measure algorithm to be able to assure to measure be collected machine is accurately into travel data and analyse. Two kinds online the need that metrical method is based on specific and final user, the development business that measures software can be used both one of the measurement that the method undertakes going up in machining center. The first kind is to be based on batch, affecting treatment while, benefit undertakes evaluate and be analyticed with the computer. The user passes off line process designing, generation measures an order, next, the postposition processor with specific machining center makes these program transition G and M code, realize those who measure the drive of the head and data to get. In exploration process, measure data to be sent to return an evaluation engine to have analysis and report. In view of this kind of structure, the metric system that is based on Server can use single network to undertake those who occupy counting collect from a variety of CNC Machining centers with the analysis. Additionally one kind of method is online and metric software runs on the computer besides the controller of CNC Machining center in independence (once be below off line circumstance,develop) . Use this method, the computer was assumed the full control in measuring, data is collected and analyse the task. Below this kind of method, handlers can use machining center to go up measure a head to finish kind with at the measurement on machine is being measured in coordinate the task. Defect is, in metric software moving process, machining center cannot undertake cutting is operated. Seesaw pattern of the PC-DMIS NC Server that the delegate of these two kinds of online measurement technique is Wilcox Associates or PC-DMIS NCi () software. PC-DMIS NC Server is offerred above all, put software on the server to be able to make the time that the machine tool machines the greatest change, below this kind of circumstance, measure do not hold important position, offerred the convenience sex that uses a software on many machining center for final user. Wilcox rolled out seesaw pattern software after two years, in order to satisfy those need the basis is online the user that measures a result to be able to undertake fast self-correcting (use work or of clamping apparatus search, reasonable program branch, relevant measure wait) a moment. For love or money, the user can obtain what perfect at the same time quickly to measure an outcome, relative to traditional method, can save many time and money. Be adopted extensively to be inside global limits in global domain, PC-DMIS NC the measurement technique of two kinds of types is used extensively for the user inside the whole world, covered industry includes component of motor of aviation manufacturing industry, aviation, car, lamina to make, the industry such as the mould. Machine and measure the task of the large size workpiece that the largest driving force that PC-DMIS NC installs still depends on aviation domain. This software can promote the efficiency of treatment significantly, the energy that can achieve treatment is affirmatory. Real time offers those who measure data to be able to reduce freeboard nicety to measure machine the responsibility that fulfils large quantities of measuring to measure the task, the efficiency of the integral business that promotes thereby and won't affect somewhat to the character of the spare parts. CNC Milling