Laser frit Fu achieves cutting tool order and degree

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In a lot of circumstances, the production of cutting tool of high quality cut normally only then the use at pulverous metal. Current, powder of need of pulverous metal processing passes aeriform pulverization and figuration, make pulverous particle fast and cooling among them, form very small size, parameter of a of pulverous metal stuff general characteristic. High-speed steel (HSS) pulverous use allows to form element of figuration of more hard alloy. Accordingly, small size and result of figuration of more advanced and other hard alloy can assure the hardness with pulverous metal taller high-speed steel and wearability. However, what the cost of these material wants to compare alloy of class of cutting tool of traditional crystallization metallurgy commonly is tall. To manufacture cutting tool of cutting of standard high-speed steel need machines pulverous metal good stuff, this brought additional processing cost will very tall, the price that expects because of this every pound club can be as high as 20 ~ 30 dollars. Factor of this kind of cost had restricted it to produce medium application in standard cutting cutting tool severely, although it has remarkable character. Graph 1.

The system of deposit of 5 axes laser of Alvord-Polk is making a trade, laser deposit technology is being repaired, transform and fast and archetypal respect received more and more application. This technology can use a kind of powder normally, this kind of powder can be stimulated efficient and fused accurate deposit reachs beam of light on matrix material. The characteristic of laser deposit process has: Heat is out of shape the low, smallest to the metallographic loss that matrix produces, deposition rate is opposite taller, can undertake fast solidify to deposit at the same time. These attribute union rise to make laser processing became a kind to await a player ideally paragraph -- it can be used produce the project that is used at different application circumstance selectively imperceptible structure. [1-3] but, want to obtain place of cutting tool component to needed function to bring a challenge that overcomes hard however. After the potential that realizes laser deposit, alvord-Polk company began project of a research and development to seek its likely application, the laser that evaluates existing product is deposit, qualitative to its, the likelihood that because this kind of technology arises,still is opposite at the same time is economic undertake quantifying. Initiative experiment is with guest evening standard Ni Yazhou establishs an university (guest city ARL) apply lab collaboration to undertake, subsequently development has inside the factory that is located in city of guest city Millersburg in Alvord-Polk. The result of this kind of research and development makes clear, be opposite with Rex 121TM through optional sex ground the HSS semifinished product of a kind of low cost has laser deposit, quality of pulverous metal level can realize below acceptability cost. Graph 1 showed be in in Alvord-Polk, use to contain the system of 5 axes laser of 2kW CO2 laser and system of coaxial and pulverous feed is on blank of cutting tool wool the condition that accurate deposit contains material of tall hard alloy. Graph the photograph that 32mm of the diameter after a 2 deposit that showed with this the system is produced and grinding establishs milling cutter, graph the 3 principles that showed the other cutting tool that developing currently applies pursue. Alvord-Polk has discovered, to a lot of application, laser deposit assured needs hardness and durability to cutting tool component, reduced the cost related to material and auxiliary operation at the same time. In deposit of laser of the application in tool industry technical opportunity suffers only but deposit material tie, the important research that people is having nowadays: Handle pulverous complex to improve a recipe with the laser that uses an occasion at tall wear-resisting. [4, 5] changes through alloy induction the photograph, synthesis aggrandizement that passes particle of the 2nd photograph or the in be united in wedlock and building solidify deposit development property of both. Compound micromechanism, a kind of tall hardness contains very hard particle can solder matrix form, undertake for material of cutting tool course laser deposit offerred tremendous opportunity. Graph 3.

The cutting tool of the laser deposit that Alvord-Polk is developing currently uses principle sketch map. The material of cutting tool course of micromechanism has compound to having thing laser deposit has been commercialized. In Alvord-Polk limited company and associated machine and engineering company (be located in E Hai city of Russian continent Dover) the collaboration between has facilitated the application of cutting tool of an aborning cutting. Razor blade of head of special deep Kong Zuan needs to be in tungsten at the back of hard alloy razor blade plating chromium or space block of hard alloy wear-resisting are used on whole diameter. Alvord-Polk and joint development of guest city ARL use Rex 121 and many tungsten the material of laser frit Fu of hard alloy particle. The wear-resisting space block with the outstanding function that combination of this kind of material brings can have alternative deposit, in order to replace chromium or drill rod solder space block of hard alloy wear-resisting. Pursue the bit of 4 deep aperture broach that showed one contains space block of laser deposit wear-resisting. The result that has a test to using the cutting tool of this kind of technology was exceeded predict. Broach is being compared to eletroplate by the speed of treatment surface chromic cutting tool is 2 times faster, wearability is exceeded eletroplate the 2~4 of chromic cutting tool times. In addition, it still is aimed at drill rod solder one kind or bolt bolt receives the economy replacement scheme of space block of hard alloy wear-resisting, because tatty cutting tool can return manufacturer to undertake weighing grinding, have new laser deposit afresh. Produced material of cutting tool course to offer potential for cutting tool Industrial Revolution through laser deposit. Treatment relies on the place of laser to depend on: The material that project of accurate and deposit height turns the place that laser deposit can need on cutting cutting tool only, material dosage that can reduce cost to hold high thereby reachs an operation 2 times. Had made clear, the cutting tool property that produces with this kind of method is head and shoulders above qualitative cutting tool of average capable person, reduced production cost at the same time. This kind of technology general develops as what use the new data of a design technically for these and get farther promotion. Ronald E.

Boyer (Rboyer@alvordpolk.

Com) it is Alvord-Polk limited company (be located in city of Millersburg of Ni Yazhou of Bin Xi law) president. Richard P.

Martukanitz (rxm44@psu.

Edu) is guest evening standard Ni Yazhou establishs university application to study ministry of lab laser beam machining (Ni Yazhou of Bin Xi law establishs an university) director. Graph 4.

Deep aperture gets picture of head razor blade, showed use Rex 121 and the laser deposit that hard alloy powder produces tungsten In The Manufacturing Sector Laser Deposition Processes Are Gaining Widespread Acceptance For Repair of wear-resisting space block, refurbishment, and Rapid Prototyping.

This Process Typically Involves The Use Of Powder That Is Efficiently Melted By A Laser Beam And Precisely Deposited Onto The Substrate Material.

Characteristics Of Laser Deposition Processes Include Low Thermal Distortion, minimal Metallurgical Degradation To The Substrate, relatively High Deposition Rates, and Rapid Solidification Rates Associated With The Deposit.

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