Use at the Hydro of burden rough machining

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The newest member of range of products of full Hydro-Grip of coke of gram of hill spy dimension brought safe cutting tool to machine function for domain of burden rough machining. Hydro-Grip HD has unique vibration isolation feature, can offer collet of force of fluid intensity of pressure kind the highest intensity in the product and stability. These character ensured admirable torque delivers performance, raised integral hard alloy to establish the treatment property of milling cutter, broach and reamer thereby. Hydro-Grip HD the clamp with the firm clamping force with semmetry all sorts of cylinder are straight power cutting tool, reduced cutting tool as far as possible jumpy quantity and ensure tall torque is delivered. Be in for many times clamp repeats a loop in, the spare parts appearance that all can maintain high quality prolongs cutting tool life, at the same time alone dynamic balancing reachs every collet 2.

What 5G falls with assuring high speed cutting is characteristic. Simple and quick cutting tool outfit is placed and change shortened machine tool machine down time. Hydro-Grip HD is based on system of hydraulic pressure clamp, appropriative torque spanner ensured fast cutting tool clamp is mixed disassemble, assured correct clamp torque. Series of knife handle of Hydro-Grip high accuracy is the assurance of clamp of safe cutting tool, apply to a variety of application circumstances, arrive from finish machining burden rough machining, and the diameter of cutting tool petiole of 6-32mm. Public errand of its micron class raised the exterior quality of the accuracy of cutting tool, spare parts to improve treatment process greatly. CNC Milling