Shallow the general idea that talks about trouble removal of numerical control machine tool (one)

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Numerical control machine tool is a kind of efficient automation machine tool, he is integrated computer technology, automation technology, servo drive, nicety surveys the new technical gain that waits for each domains with accurate machinery, it is a burgeoning industrial control technology. Because its economic performance is good, manufacturing benefit is tall, more and more significant position is in on production. To raise the utilization rate of the machine tool, increase systematic availability, combinative work is real shallow the common method that talks about numerical control system to breakdown deals with and be maintained. In order to improve the maintenance technology of numerical control machine tool. One, maintenance technician passes intuitionistic law the observation of the unusual appearance such as all sorts of light when breakdown happening, sound, flavour, watch each parts of the system seriously, narrow breakdown limits a module or presswork together circuit board. Exemple 1: ? Cloth of  Tao  needs す  denounces school  locust to conceive You sluggish; Inn of Zhan Chang of numerous O of Bian of Jian of  of black of cape of Jiu of Zheng of ⑾ of Ju of Hu of antrum of to bring up of  of 4 ignoranting  carries  ο fie of  of  of black of cape of Jiu of Zheng of ⑾ of midge of Li of  of Mou Kao  of an ancient nationality in China of discharge of Sheng of Jiu of octogenarian of a short wooden stake of Hu of  of Yu of Juan of abdomen of   Xing! ! "  ⒆ small car of impossible of  of ∈ of   of ā of Qian of Lang blind δ mires impossible of  of thirsty of  of part of the day of  of bifurcation of  of Sao of Lang blind δ putting in order is low bear predestined relationship of the box that read fluorene is troubled by small car of impossible of  of  of plaque  deputy Cou to mire Lang is blind δ Qin ugliesLathe of X15Z numerical control, configuration FANUC10TE, F system, does breakdown show: ? 1399 B of   of   of   of  S10TE   TEST of   of   of   of   of   of ROM of   of   of       : TEST of   of   of   of   of   of RAM of   of   of   of END     : The indication of CRT shows ROM test is passed, RAM test fails to pass. RAM test fails to pass, not be RAM breakdown certainly, the likelihood is the parameter in RAM missing or batteries contact is undesirable parameter is missing, because change,reason of classics examination breakdown is contact of the batteries after batteries is undesirable, switch on the mobile phone to appear so afore-mentioned breakdown phenomena. 3, law of test of program of function of law of functional program test is the method that uses the commonly used function of numerical control system and special function manual process designing or automatic process designing, the work out tests a program into a function, send numerical control the system, let numerical control system run this test program next, so as to checks a machine tool to carry out the accuracy of these functions and dependability, the likelihood that judges a breakdown happening then reason. Exemple 3: ? A CNC Milling of system of M of NUC6 of Pi of boundless and indistinct of take along sth to sb, making creeping phenomenon appears when curvilinear treatment to workpiece, test a program with the function that makes up oneself, the machine tool can move smoothly finish all sorts of booking movement, explain job of system of machine tool numerical control is regular, undertake checking to what using curvilinear machine program then, discovery used G when process designing 61 instructions, namely every treatment is about one paragraph to undertake 1 times arriving to did not stop to check, make the machine tool appears thereby creeping phenomenon, g 61 instructions convert means of G 64(successive cutting) after the instruction is replaced, creeping phenomenon was eliminated CNC Milling