VMX42SRTi of hertz gram China is embedded rotate workbench

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Hertz overcomes Chinese VMX42SRTi to have workbench of straight drive circumgyrate, can offer bigger torque, allow heavy cut. Embedded rotate workbench (support SRT) only additional on Z axis direction 3.

The freeboard workpiece of 5in. Integral type main shaft uses pottery and porcelain to mix bearing, the rate that offers user place to need can manage the calorific problem of the generation when high speed cutting. Essence of planar changeover function appears on the market a 5 axes the process designing on machining center simplifies for 2.

5D process designing, need to define work 0.1 times only, planar changeover can is opposite automatically of other side had fixed position government at 0 o'clock. Function of path of the briefest exercise can choose most quick whirl automatically method reachs designation target place. Function of linearization of cutting tool method eliminated the unnecessary treatment vestige of workpiece surface, simplify the data of the jackknife that CAM software generates piece instruction. Machine tool of control of function of automatic and safe fixed position undertakes retreating a knife along designation cutter shaft direction and the intelligence in cancelling knife course detects the limitation of Chao Chao Cheng of the machine tool. DXF changeover function can guide from DXF file the 2D data of workpiece, establish program of conversational form numerical control in numerical control system directly. Can realize curved surface scanning and complex model the special feed in face treatment and true breakpoint return a loop. CNC Milling