CAD cartography skill!

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1. Have sometimes in AutoCAD hand in * to nod mark to click place generation in the mouse, with BLIPMODE command, below clew travel input OFF can eliminate it. 2. The dialog box that the meeting when some users use AutoCAD discovers the command is medium can become clew travel, if print a command, those who control it is systematic variable CMDDIA, put out it to go. 3. The ellipse that elliptical command generates is still be entity with ellipse with many justice line is by systematic variable PELLIPSE is decided, it is when its 1 when, generated ellipse is PLINE. 4. CMDECHO variable decided the command is answered all right show whether to arise, its are carried out in the program in should set for 0. 5. DIMSCALE decided the scale that dimension tags, its value is integer, default is 1, there was certain proportion to shrink in the graph when putting, answer had better shrink its instead put scale. 6. BREAK will be hypostatic cut left at 2 o'clock, in choose when 2 o'clock if use " @ " answer back and forth, but by the a bitth will hypostatic departure. 7. Offerred in the taller version of CAD form tolerancepublic errand is tagged, but circularity and coaxial spend medium round insufficient circle, actually, autoCAD middling sees symbolic definition installs the Gdt below subdirectory of the SUPPORT below catalog in AutoCAD.

In Shp file, among them 2 shape that defined a circle with 4 character, round radian is 127 ° unexpectedly, but not quite good correct (be like instead 90 ° are worse to look) . 8. If glyph of hollow Chinese character uses the BONUS function in AutoCAD R14 (must install AutoCAD completely, or it was chosen when be being installed from the definition) , have order of a TXTEXP, can be text blast the line, stereo to doing word is very useful. 9. There is an ARCTEXT order in the BONUS of AutoCAD R14, can realize arc text output, use method is choose circular arc first, reintroduce text content, press OK. 10. There still is an useful order in BONUS, namely MPEDIT, build many lines instead simultaneously with it many justice line, the line that changes it again is broad. 11. Image commands and so on of the BMPIN in R13 was replaced in R14, PCXIN commands, it embeds bitmap in the file, use only show, if scamper left to become empty frame, how to make the command such as PCXIN returns? Install R13 the RASTERIN below catalog please.

EXE beat falls into R14, load its with Appload, can guide bitmap next (can make up arrest, but scamper leaves) . 12. BREAK command is used break substance, the user also can disconnect hypostatic, usage is to be after the a bitth choice, input " @ " . Commonly used a line is underlined one paragraph for the dot, when another paragraph is solid line. 13. Many command abbreviate was offerred in AutoCAD R14, the command that abbreviate does not have in a lot of R13 also had abbreviate, the abbreviate of monomial accord with in CAD offerred below: A:ARC, b:BMake, c:CIrcle, d:dDim, e:eRase, f:fIllet, g:gRoup, h:bHatch, i:dDinsert, l:lIne, m:mOve, offset, p:pAn, r:rEdraw, s:sTretch, t:mText, u:uNdo, v:dDview, w:WBlock, x:eXplode, z:zOo, can use in great quantities, discovery of the meeting after using is taken than rat punctuation fast (below the rate that loses 5 character in 1s especially) . A large number of AutoCAD R14 augment simplify command, the order that increased to simplify with initial not only (here is not listed) , and the command that before increasing to use two letters simplify, be like commonly usedly: Array, Copy, Dist, Donut, Dtext, Filter, Mirror, Pline, Rotate, Trim, Scale, Snap, Style, Units, more rose to input jussive speed with clavier, it is with might doubled simply to the friend of familiar clavier. 14. The command abbreviate of AutoCAD R14 also can be used in R13, the method is the ACAD that issues subdirectory of the Support below AutoCAD R14.

Pgp copy falls to the Support subdirectory of AutoCAD R13. 15. The ACAD in AutoCAD.

Pgp file is very important, it records command abbreviate content, the user can define them oneself, the form is as follows: * commands a name. Also can define systematic order, autoCAD R14 offerred Sh order, executable DOS commands, but use in Windows dirty not quite. 16.

The systematic order such as NOTEPAD, EDIT, DIR, DEL is used in AutoCAD R14, the author thinks among them NOTEPAD is bigger to defining CAD utility oneself, but use rise can discover screen flashs (entered DOS) , return again, very unpleasantness letting a person, let us write a small program, entitle Note.

Lsp: (Defun C:nOtepad() (startapp "notepad")) first ACAD.

The NOTEPAD in Pgp commands the definition is deleted all right, after entering CAD again, use this program the order again: (Load "note" ) load, use NOTEPAD command to be able to have better effect the next time, best will (Load "note" ) the ACADR14 that joins Support subdirectory to fall.

In Lsp. 17. The line is printed in AutoCAD R14 wide but by color set, all sorts of lines in so mechanical cartography different, line is broad diverse line can put different layer, the boundary was defined in the layer model with color, and the line of the set in printing a setting relation with color, the result is favorable. 18. The ACAD in the Support of AutoCAD R14.

Dwt is default pattern plate, want to machine it well, commonly used layer, piece, tag a type to had been defined, plus standard figure frame, but leave out duplicates the job in great quantities. 19. There are many exterior Lisp to command a file in AutoCAD, can observe them directly, if study develops Lisp application program, attention: R14 can be the AUTOCAD that content of file of last edition Lisp makes public, in CAD2000 Lisp file content is to add close (the author is considering to decode a program) . 20. Tool of AutoCAD2 second development is very much, lisp had early, r11 offerred ADS (Acad Develop System) , ADS was offerred to be compiled to the C below solid mode in R12 implement (like BC, MSC) support, r13 offers ARX(Acad Runtime EXtend) , r14 offerred VB Automation, this Automation makes VB writes CAD program to become a possibility, the person that yearns for CAD process designing had a best choice, need not learn ADS, ARX, Object ARX, with AutoLisp, join the world of AutoCAD process designing together. 21. The user must load AutoCAD automatically from the Lisp file of the definition, be in with respect to need so Acadr14.

User Lisp file joins in Lsp load a statement, acadr14.

Lsp (inchoate version is Acad.

Lsp) , the Autoexec of seem DOS.

Bat, must use well, if amid defined a name to be S: : STARTUP () function can run it automatically (add to CAD enable a picture how, usable STARTUP adds Startapp function, also can add entry password) . 22. In inserting the graph in AutoCAD WORD, can discover the circle became regular polygon sometimes, use VIEWRES order, set it a few more greatly, changeable graph quality. 23. How the form tagging like F30H11() is tagged, input in text content please " %%c30{H11(){\H0.



2;}} " , can come true, if disrelish too troublesome, make up a program to simplify operation. 24. The file in AutoCAD can regard as piece in inserting other file, but come so overmuch piece make a file too giant, will keep clear of with PURGE they, qing Dynasty, must multi-purpose a few ah! 25. The help file content of AutoCAD R14 is very rich, by a lot of " book " composition, one layer upon layer open, seeing their use more is very big, included each field of CAD among them, more complete than any CAD encyclopedias, the help that whether you consider you is joined among them, revise Acad please.

Cnt, join the link that oneself help. 26. Can make up by the regulation in CAD calm.

The CAD of Ahp helps a file, ahp2hlp is used below R14.

Exe is its change.

The file of Hpj and.

The file of Rtf, reoccupy HelpWorkshop tool (have in VC5) its the project is opened, compile for.

Hlp file. 27. There is the Exe file below a few DOS to there still is use in R14 in AutoCAD, with Slidelib.

Exe can make slide the warehouse, mc.

Exe can realize menu compile. 28. When making part drawing undertake assembly, but part drawing piece the solder after inserting leaves, reoccupy Group is assembled into group hind, choose with group of Ddselect command control at this moment be in why to plant condition, cancel group when choosing, can delete inter block member, cut, revise, group position is opened again when wanting mobile part. 29. The menu source file in AutoCAD is.

Mnu file, revise its in can adding oneself command bill of fare, reoccupy Menu command is loaded, can attend AutoCAD to help form of understanding menu file. The command that oneself join in icon toolbar is relatively simple, right key can be nodded on the toolbar, in Toolbar dialog, nod New pushbutton, after inputting a toolbar, a new toolbar arises, reelection Customize pushbutton, custom of make choice of, in pulling empty pushbutton the toolbar, press right key on empty pushbutton again, can define oneself pushbutton icon and command so. 30. The condition of AutoCAD also can be defined oneself all right, with DIESEL the language can visit it, the simplest method uses Modemacro order, $(getvar is inputted after, clayer) , current layer name shows after go up all right in condition, the user turns seize any opportunity of it may be said! 31. The graphical format of AutoCAD is.

Dwg, also can derive for.

Bmp and.

Wmf or.

Eps, .

Dxf, .

3ds, if can be put with Render command,be.

Pcx, .

Tga, .

Tif format, autoCAD still can keep the file directly for these a few kinds of formats, should install for the system the name is " Raster File Export " printer, print a document with it, ACAD2000 still can keep the file for JPG format. 32. Render undertakes chromatic when, render has nothing to do shut pushbutton, the user is usable: (Arxunload "render") , because it is the function with ARX patulous file. 33. Dimzin system variable had better want set for 8, at this moment dimension tags medium default value to won't take a few remaining part 0, the user accepts default directly the value is very convenient and quick. 34. If encounter shortcut key invalidation, if ^o loses action, turn into the circumstance of orthogonal mode switch, will use bill of fare currently with Menu please.

Reshipment of file of Mnu menu source can. 35. In word of much style or manner of writing (Mtext) Word97 is used to edit text in the command. Editor of word of Mtext much style or manner of writing is AutoCAD R14 medium add a function newly, it offerred the interface that place of software of Windows word processing has and working way, it can use the powerful function of Word97 to edit text even, this one function can use following methods to come true: Open " Tools " menu is chosen " Preferences " command, "Preferences " the dialog box is played after going out, open " Files/Text Editor, dictionary, and Font File Name/Text Editor Application/Internal " , doubleclick " Internal " , appear " Selec A File " dialog box, find then " Winword.

Exe " applied process document, attack " open " button, click finally " OK " return. After overfulfil is installed, the system when the user commands like reuse Mtext will call our familiar Word97 automatically to use a program, for AutoCAD medium text is perfected. 36. Define oneself with tool pushbutton opportunely. There are a lot of Lsp files to be able to offer very economic order for us in AutoCAD, be like Chtext.

Lsp is a very good character modifies an order, apply to the modification of large quantities of characters especially, but must be record in Lsp file first before using such order. General you can be passed choose " Tools " in menu " Load Application.



" option, recycle dialog box opens the Chtext below AutoCAD R14/Support.

Lsp file, attack next " Load " button, also perhaps can be directly in command travel key in " (Load " Chtext " ) " the purpose that loads in order to achieve, do so always some are trival. The means that we use from definition tool pushbutton below solves this problem, right hit aleatoric tool button, play piece " Toolbars " dialog box, attack " Customize.



" button, be in " Categories: " be chosen " Custom " , pull occurrence empty pushbutton position of the target in the toolbar, attack " Close " button is returned, then right hit empty button, appear " Button Properties " dialog box, be in " Name: " name to command button in column, "Help: " you can be written in column or do not keep content, be in next " Macro: " in key in " (Load " Chtext " ) Cht " , as to " Button Icon" , the icon that optional system provides the user, also can nod " Edit.



" proper motion scale perhaps is called directly already some Bmp files, last point " Apply " button is ordinal shut a dialog box to return. The working pushbutton of such yourself with respect to make it. Because increased at the back " Cht " (attention: Case should be free in front) , so you should press tool button can choose to want editorial target document directly only. 37.

"Stretch " the command also is a commonly used command, but after the input commands, the system always should hint " Selec Object To Stretch By Crossing_window Or Crossing_polygon.



" , requirement your reintroduce " C " hind ability chooses a target with the mouse. Simplify to make operate, the tool button that the user wants to provide the system only does some of small modification can. Right attack aleatoric tool pushbutton to play piece " Toolbars " dialog box, again right attack " Stretch " tool button is played piece " Button Proporties " dialog box, be in " Macro: " in casing " ^c^c_stretch " hind key in blank space and " C " . The tool button after you click processing again after undertakes operating with respect to target of OK and direct choice. 38. AutoCAD R14 user all uses the default format that the system gives out to save file to disk normally, the defect that this kind of format saves file to disk is file place occupies a space big, the applied program that cannot use low version (be like: AutoCAD R12, AutoCAD R13) open, to avoid the waste of disk space, you can be in " Save Drawing As " of the dialog box " save a type " be chosen " AutoCAD R12/LT2 Drawing " the format saves file to disk. For example: Same Dwg file saves file to disk with two kinds of means, their size is 87KB, 58KB respectively. Visible difference is very considerable still. And latter file can be in the application of version of R12, R13 is opened in the program. The user with this kind of inferior to configuration method particularly practical. 39. Be in sometimes when opening Dwg file, the system is played piece " AutoCAD Message " the dialog box hints " Drawing File Is Not Valid " , tell an user the file cannot be opened. You can be exited first below this kind of circumstance open an operation, open next " File " menu, choose " Drawing Utilities/Recover " command, perhaps use clavier to input directly all right in the command " Recover " , be in then " Selec File " the file that the input in the dialog box should restore, the system after affirming begins to carry out resume file operation. 40. Chinese change menu. the Acad below Support catalog.

Mnu file is duplicate for Chinese.

Mnu. With write board open Chinese.

Mnu. Observe meeting discovery has among them carefully a lot of similar " POP of * * * " entry, each entry was defined menu is pulled below the row. quote medium English commands name instead Chinese, save file to disk exit. Input in R14 again " Menu " command, chinese.

Mnu menu file is loaded, menu was pulled to become Chinese below. Still can load Acad again.

Mnu file menu reductive. 41. R14 is acquiescent " the command cancels " key is " ESC " key, if had you been used to R12 " Ctrl + C " how to do? Click menu Tools\ Preferences\compatibility\priority For Accelerator Keys\autoCAD Classic, can use next " Ctrl + C " cancel an order, at the same time " ESC " key is effective still. 42. When the clew in Trim command chooses the figure that should cut, do not support commonly used Window and Crossing to choose way. When wanting to cut many line segment, want to choose ability for many times to finish. Can use Fence to choose way at this moment. When the graph that when Trim the command hints the choice wants annihilate, input " F " , give a dotted line in the picture on screen next, carriage return, be cut entirely by the graph of bring into contact with of this dotted line at this moment. 43.

Click " Object Propertys " on the toolbar " Make Objects' Layer Current " pushbutton, the either graph on the graph layer that chooses to want to go in constructive area next, current layer alternates chosen figure is in a layer immediately. 44.

When the file that opens R12 with R14, although chose file of Chinese character glyph correctly, still be code of chaos of meeting occurrence Chinese character, the reason is the code page that R14 and R12 use differs. Can download code page to change tool Wnewcp to AutoDesk company homepage. After moving Wnewcp, above all pitch on " R11 / R12 " answer choose casing, click again " Browse " pushbutton, the choice wants the file of changeover or list, choose new code page next, ANSI936 or GB2312 all but, click " Start Conversion " begin changeover namely. After changeover, show a Chinese character correctly in R14. CNC Milling