The technical reformation of efficient economy frequency control of machine of high speed filature

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One, summarize us to know, silicon controlled rectifier (the character of compression big electric current that because its are taller,SCR) regards electric power as electronic parts and simple and easy and reliable guide a control characteristic, till still apply extensively in dc timing system now. But of silicon controlled rectifier close to must come true through controlling ability high instead, because this applies at frequency control implement in its additional device is more, volume is large, at the same time its switch frequency is restricted necessarily, carrier wave frequency has hundreds of HZ only commonly, lower to high-power transducer, output weaveform is very poor, affect electric machinery move. In view of at that time the development of electronic technology, the control circuit of transducer can use detached cell in great quantities only, all sorts of adjuster and signal generator are imitate circuit, control precision is low, stability is poor, wet float big, dependability is low also. As the addition of use time, equipment gradually ageing, the grow in quantity of breakdown year after year of transducer, the amount that causes burn down electric machinery accordingly is increasing also. The high speed electric machinery that chemical fibber equipment uses is special electric machinery, repair cost every need 20 thousand yuan of RMBs, entrance together control plate needs several yuan. The moving cost that has facility it is thus clear that is very tall. As the development of contemporary microelectronics and technology of electric power electron, the frequency control of characteristic of control of frequency of complete digitlization, tall switch, vector implement already pushed in the round to the market, the cost of transducer also drops greatly. Using advanced transducer to transform system of frequency control of former silicon controlled rectifier is the choice of a kind of efficient, economy, we were used 1998 the 3 cultivate LF set of more advanced Japan on international and IF series transducer transformed division of two Germany Ba Ma at that time (machine of filature of high speed of Barmag)POY, FDY, obtained wonderful result. 2, there are 3 product lines in product line of filature of POY, FDY is being spun before characteristic of former timing system and factory of polyamide fibber of current situation Changsha, for case of German Ba Ma (Barmag) company product, its are electric timing system uses transducer of Xi Menzi SIMOVET-V to centralize control, the drive of every product line is finished by 4 transducer, additional two transducer drive is metric pump electric machinery and electric machinery of fat dose pump. Every product line shares 16 (winding machine) , every contain electric machinery of an attrition roller (2.

0KW) and electric machinery of roller of a chamfer (0.

9KW) , electric machinery of 16 attrition roller by " move " transducer drive, working frequency is 25-212HZ. Electric machinery of 16 chamfer roller by another " move " transducer drive, working frequency is 50-325HZ. Every winding machine starts alone, because the machinery of attrition roller and groovy roller is inertial bigger, need severally " start " transducer starts, when " start " the output frequency of transducer is equal to " move " when the output frequency of transducer, two electric machinery of winding machine namely switch arrives " move " transducer drive. 3, the offers opportunity of high speed filature frequency control technical reformation that transforms program has two plan commonly, it is by " center " timing instead " dispersive " control. Namely every (winding machine) use two transducer to part drive attrition roller and groovy roller electric machinery, such every can control alone, mutual between not electronic-controlled the connection of the respect, avoid 4 transducer are so medium breakdown of any a transducer and cause all fronts to stop machine, also facilitate the development of new product develops the production that reachs small lot much breed, also can replace machine of chemical fibber experiment. Case of German Ba Ma (the filature chance that 90 age of Barmag) company give newly uses this kind of means namely, a few manufacturer of domestic also have those who use this means to transform program, but investment of this kind of plan is too large, complete machine needs 32 transducer, jiashangji measures pump electric machinery and electric machinery of fat dose pump, need 64 transducer, factory of one parent silk uses north of it is reported this plan only transducer invested a yuan. Consider every need not run completely with different rotate speed, and contemporaneity is impossible at the same time trial-produce 16 breed, act on " efficient, economy " principle, we adopted another kind of plan, its characteristic is as follows: Preserve original system, add switch circuitry, high-powered transducer can control the 3 cultivate that make be added newly 16 original, also can control 7 or 8 or 1, can use so a trial-produce new product, also can control 7 with 3 cultivate transducer or 8 batches of a production is minor order, additional 9 or 8 use former SCR transducer to manufacture another variety, realize one machine two breed, in order to satisfy the requirement of sale branch and user. If the electric drive circuit of the unit of every winding airplane after transforming pursues 2. Among them, when the output frequency that is equal to former moving transducer when the output frequency of starting transducer, if pass electric machinery K22 and K24 switch to arrive to run transducer formerly, this winding machine is producible primary product; If pass electric machinery KXM and KXC switch,arrive new moving transducer, this winding machine is producible new product. Pass the different combination of these two groups of contactor, can adjust product structure. 4, the system is debugged this ability changes debug, two electric machinery that eliminate every unit and winding chance and its contactor wiring are correct outside, the set placing frequency of winding machine and starting transducer and the switch of new moving transducer are most crucial. Japan contains what be design of place of machine of filature of chemical fibber high speed only to disturb inside 3 cultivate LF and IF series transducer locomotive mode, can complete the set placing frequency of winding machine conveniently. Because the machinery of attrition roller and groovy roller is inertial bigger, when the output of starting transducer frequency is equal to the when outputting frequency switch of moving transducer, won't produce electric impact. The output frequency that the system after transforming increases moving transducer newly differs with former moving transducer, be like taller, big electricity will produce when switch. Inferior when switch, will produce overvoltage (the electric machinery when switch is in generate electricity condition) . The size that increases moving transducer newly so chooses due and certain surplus, should provide unit of apply the brake and resistance of apply the brake at the same time. Can press type calculates on the project the block value of resistor of add apply the brake: Uc2R=1.


The R in 2Te)n type, Uc of Ω of resistor of apply the brake, TB of dc loop voltage, Te of torsion of apply the brake, the rated torsion N of electric machinery, the speed when beginning apply the brake can reach from inside type, when TB>0 of torsion of apply the brake.

When 2Te, namely torsion of apply the brake is less than rated torsion 20% the following when, need not install resistor of apply the brake, do not need to consider plan of apply the brake namely, it is OK that by electric machinery working of inner loss of have rendered great service falls voltage of intermediate dc loop limitation is under cost of overvoltage protection act. The TB of torsion of apply the brake in type can press type computer: (The GD2M in GD2M+GD2L)(n1-n2)TB=TL375ts type, the GD2 of electric machinery, check by electric machinery character N.

MGD2L, load tears open the GD2N that calculates electric machinery axis to go up.

TL, laden torsion N.

Mn1, decelerate in the begining speed R/minn2, the speed R/mints when decelerate was over, because slowdown time S holds the post of one hour electric machinery by starting transducer to moving transducer switch when, an unit and winding machine is only devoted, the impulse current that generates won't be very big. Through the computer, choice 37KW and 22KW transducer provide unit of two BU-430 apply the brake and resistance of DB-430 apply the brake. Electric current and overvoltage tripping operation had not appeared when moving actually. 5, conclusion 1. This ability changes overcame primary facility to center pilot malpractice, 16 can are opposite after transforming undertake be controllinged in group, can change each other when necessary, each other noninterference, each breed produces facilitating trial-produce new product and small lot. 2. Reliability is high. The transducer in former timing system malfunctions, but will 16 an all switch move in new timing system, switch process needs a few minutes to be able to be finished only. 3. New timing system uses 3 cultivate firms of Japanese LF of new product of 90 time later period and IF series transducer, use respectively allow 32 to reach 32 CPU, frequency set resolution is 0.

01HZ, former transducer of precision prep above 20 times. Switch module uses IGBT and IPM module respectively, frequency of highest carrier wave can amount to 14KHZ, static noise, moving electric current is small, have all sorts of perfect protection functions. LF and appliance of IF frequency conversion have disturb locomotive mode, this function spins a design for chemical fibber high speed only, can be the craft parameter of chemical fibber filature directly on transducer with digital means set, when LF series transducer still is moving, numerate from inside face plate monitor directly among them or revise disturb parameter () of the parameter that place frequency, show run rotate speed actually, get the reception of technologist greatly. 4. Investment is little. 5. Transform weak point of time limit for a project, installation is debugged convenient, stop only machine a hour can be finished debug and investment moves, cover an area of an area small. 6. Investment gets effective that month that month. The production on the product line after transforming gives the new product that cannot produce so, old product of tower above of its market price 2000 yuan / or so tons, only this one profit can the disinvestment inside March. 7. Energy-saving. Electric machinery carries travel electric current runs electricity for primary system 80% the left and right sides. 8. Since equipment joins movement, new transducer did not discover any fault, without burn down an electromotor, the statistic of integrated in former years, save upkeep costs every year to make an appointment with fifty thousand and ten yuan. Of machine of filature of visible high speed " in group " the plan that frequency control technical reformation is a kind of efficient, economy. CNC Milling