The application of laser surface aggrandizement and heat treatment

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Laser surface aggrandizement and heat treatment technology are close will 20 years develop technology of finishing of a kind of when rise new-style material. The principle of technology of laser surface aggrandizement is to use laser the characteristic with penetrable extremely strong capability, should heat metallic surface only when the critical transition temperature under melting point, rapid austenite changes its face, next quickness from Leng Cuihuo, metallic face is fast by aggrandizement. Laser surface aggrandizement and heat treatment can divide it is 3 kinds: It is to stimulate the metal when illumination is shot not to fuse, it is constituent happening change only, this kind of technology basically becomes sclerotic for laser photograph (laser quenchs) ; 2 it is to stimulate the metal when illumination is shot to fuse, the organization after refrigeration produces change or join other element to improve exterior quality, include laser frit to coagulate, laser alloy is changed, blame brilliant changes laser to wait with controlled micro crystallization; 3 it is to stimulate surface of the metal when illumination is shot to produce vaporization, produce constituent change thereby, this kind of craft basically pounds sclerosis for laser. The interaction rule that afore-mentioned theoretical foundations with collective craft of all sorts of laser heat treatment are laser and material and its metal learn behavior. Laser heat treatment is the development of technology of conventional heat treatment and complement, it can solve other finishing method inextricability or bad to solve material aggrandizement problem. After be being handled through laser, intensity of casting layer surface layer can amount to HRC60 above, in the surface layer hardness of carbon, high-carbon steel and alloy steel can amount to HRC70 above, raise its to fight thereby wear away, fight fatigue, anti-corrosive wait for function with antirust, prolong its service life. Laser heat treatment applies in automobile industry very extensive, in a lot of car keys go up (like cylinder body. Cylinder bushing, crankshaft, camshaft, exhaust valve, valve base or piston annulus) can collect HJ laser heat treatment almost. Same, agricultural engine also should be used extensively. In agricultural production, the working requirement of the machine is varied, some machines (plow, intertill machine, drill and mower) work in abrasive medium directly, make a lot of spare partses wear away very fast. On the other hand, to gain enough strength, the material dosage of the machine is bigger, waste material not only, and appear cumbersome. To this kind of spare parts, the hardness after laser sclerosis is handled quenchs than convention hardness is tall 5% one 20% , laser alloy is changed can join new material according to asking to choose, form the new alloy layer that is a foundation with base material, in order to acquire satisfactory property. In addition, as a result of the function after processing rise, can choose the base material of low function, reduced the quality of base material thereby. CNC Milling