The characteristic that adjustable type carries to send makings manipulator on cylindrical grinder reachs a dominant position

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Cylindrical grinder manipulator is the equipment of automatic fluctuation material that designs technically in the light of cylindrical grinder, have the stable, fast, characteristic that saves a person. Of product of most dispute mark custom-built, we carry the client's different product, design different fluctuation makings system, make manipulator perfect and compatible cylindrical grinder, implementation product from put on after work or material rest, need not intervene artificially, can from the characteristic with next resumptive work or material rest. The product type that cylindrical grinder processes has a lot of kinds, machine to conic form and cylindroid surface especially particularly much, and these treatment product majority are with the axis kind give priority to, but they have many norms and figure, so we meet those who use a kind of adjustable formula send makings unit when the design sends work or material rest, the treatment product stability that can satisfy a variety of dimension and norms is carried. In manipulator respect, same we were adopted similar the structure that sends makings unit, can make manipulator can capture inside certain limits with type product, compare a few can the manipulator of single product comes to capture so that more appearance changes. And paying makings speed and manipulator shift rate, what we use is the mechanical component of high standards, can improve manipulator whole quality already so, also can better faster land serves each facility. CNC Milling