The emissary of high speed expensive precision work

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In the high speed treatment of nonferrous metal of etc of cast-iron, aluminium alloy, point changes boracic razor blade to bit body machines the character of precision longevity life, high with its and have competition ability more via the diamond of special processing or cubic nitrogen. Black outstanding use JDA (diamond) or JBN (cubic nitrogen changes boron) the mill bit body of bit (if the graph is shown 1 times) agree with high speed machines nonferrous metal of etc of cast-iron, aluminium alloy, because point classics is special,handle, make bit has following character: Life of ● razor blade is longer agree with JDA (diamond) / JBN (cubic nitrogen changes boron) the point classics of bit is special processing (before horn + 1 □ ~ + 3 □ / hind horn + 6 □ ) , make the deputy part of cutting tool smaller, cutting blade intensity is higher, collapse blade is fewer, improved the life of cutting tool, can complete competency irrigates He Chaoping of rising head rough machining lens face finish machining. Of ● facilitating razor blade grind again use use fine tuning orgnaization to make the end panel of bit jumpy adjust easily, can increase the number that bit wears again, raised the utilization rate of bit greatly, make cost falls lowest. ● treatment precision is taller because can control the end panel of bit accurately,beat, realize Gao Guangjie smoothly to spend exterior treatment. When afore-mentioned character make diamond razor blade is machining aluminium alloy and other nonferrous metal, implementation exceeds high speed to machine and can gain extremely fast face bright and clean degree, if norms of its bit body expresses 1 to show. In the effective treatment to aluminium alloy, if the cutting condition with better bit body of use diamond razor blade expresses 2 to show. The superior performance that we introduce place of bit body of this kind of razor blade to have below Nextpage through 2 example. 1, cylinder of treatment aluminium alloy is built here, we use DCP90-4250-24 (take a Xiu Guangren) model the diamond razor blade that bit body and material are JDA400 character, accepts cutting condition is: Rotate speed of ● machine tool: N=1700r/min; ● cutting speed: V=1356m/min; ● feed speed: F=3670mm/min, f=2.

16mm/ blade; ● cuts deep: D=1.

6mm; ● is wet: Water-solubility cutting fluid. Fall to undertake to lid of aluminium alloy cylinder high speed is machined in afore-mentioned cutting conditions, exterior quality is admirable. After cutting tool was machining 4800 cylinder to build, bit still is belonged to wear away normally limits, the blade that do not have collapse and burr phenomenon happen. The bit photograph that uses before together is compared, life rose 4.

6 times. 2, treatment cylinder builds two upright flank to be in this example, the cylinder lid material that is processed is AC4B-T6 character (Japanese brand) , the two upright side that we chose NC private plane to be built to cylinder (show 2 times like the graph, shadow part is treatment face) undertake machining. The capable person that covers according to cylinder is qualitative, we chose appropriate bit body, razor blade and cutting fluid: Model of ● bit body: DCP90-4080R-0690 (φ 80) ; Model of ● razor blade: C46PPN-W90R; Material of ● razor blade is qualitative: JDA30; ● cutting fluid: Wet, emulsion. When the two upright aspect that cover to cylinder undertake machining, if the treatment condition that we use expresses 3 to show. In such treatment the condition falls, use DCP90 bit body, after machining 10000, diamond razor blade still is shown wear away normally condition, still can continue to machine. And in equal treatment the condition falls, if use the bit body of complete diamond razor blade of other, bit life is 500 only, and injury of knife of extremely easy collapse. Under photograph comparing, the life of outstanding razor blade raised black 20 times above. From bit purchase cost to look, compare with photograph of hard alloy razor blade, c46PPN-W90R (diamond razor blade) want apparently a lot of taller. But look from the angle that runs cost for a long time, because life of diamond razor blade is long, if purchase its cost,the spare parts amount that processes by place undertakes equational, odd a cost relatively of hard alloy want a lot of lower. In the meantime, used razor blade of this kind of diamond to still decrease to stop substantially machine, change the auxiliary time such as knife, tone knife (like the graph 3 are shown) , when treatment work number achieves 4000, both moving cost keeps balance basically already; When machining a number to increase further, c46PPN-W90R (diamond razor blade) accumulate the cost increase rate that run far those who compare hard alloy razor blade is low much. When treatment of use diamond razor blade reachs 91000, compare with photograph of hard alloy razor blade, bit totle drilling cost can drop 1640758 yen, the sheet of hard alloy razor blade cost is 28 yen / , and C46PPN-W90R (diamond razor blade) odd cost is 10 yen only / . Outstanding industry company limited wore relevant data black 1938 oneself hand of hard alloy product since making, had developed become always make manufacturer of professional hard alloy from what raw material powder yields to finished product, exert oneself changes boron at all sorts of hard alloy, pottery and porcelain, cermet, cubic nitrogen (CBN) get together brilliant diamond (PCD) the research that waits for material, ceaseless development gives all sorts of cutting tools with these qualitative material. Black outstanding be the earliest development goes milling cutter of head of ball of integral hard alloy and research and development of the most precocious result on the world apply to steel the professional tool manufacturer that gets bit of cut integral hard alloy, it is OK that hard alloy of whole of coating of its product DZ carries milling cutter and ball head milling cutter hardness of treatment of ground of without striking a blowing is in the tall hardness material of HRC60 above; DZ-DHS broach can machine hardness to amount to the material of HRC70; The diamond that integral agglomeration shapes " get than the dream " , blade ministry intensity is extremely high, won't produce diamond to fall off phenomenon, can undertake ideal high speed is machined. In addition, razor blade of JC5003 coating car, when the data that processes of all kinds nonferrous metal and difficult treatment, life can amount to the 3 times above of other and congener product. Long-term since, in industry of Japanese whole tool, outstanding company regards black as manufacturer of the 2nd large-scale production of professional hard alloy, sale all the time be among the best of candidates, in car domain, japan produces manufacturer greatly each all is black outstanding long-term the partner since, black outstanding ever also obtained the cost that the biggest Motor Corporation issues Japan several years to decrease continuously fall cooperation thanks a letter, have what American large Motor Corporation awards to avoid duty avoid check to purchase badge first " FORD QI " . CNC Milling