Laser beam welding receives the application on plastic product

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Because its local heating, accurate treatment, blame contacts a gender to heat,laser beam welding is received wait for an advantage by more and more each fields that use in medical apparatus and instruments widely. With its he solders commonly usedly technical photograph is compared, laser beam welding receives a technology to produce solder scarcely broken bits and drossy, and solder do not need to add any adhesive in the process, can finish whole welder to make in clean room consequently. Laser beam welding received a technology to promote the development of medical apparatus and instruments greatly, active is for instance embedded the crust of medical apparatus and instruments encloses type, of heart bracket do not appear ray mark, cerumen to defend implement, ball bursa conduit all cannot leave what laser solders to use. Plastic laser beam welding receives principle laser beam welding is one kind when stimulate beam of light to serve as heat source when use high energy density solders method, stimulate ray radiation to heat namely workpiece surface, exterior quantity of heat conducts inward ministry to diffuse through heat, make workpiece fused, form specific bath. Following plan institute are shown, stimulate beam of light to pass superstratum pervious to light material, be absorbed by lower level material next, the changeover after laser energy is absorbed is heat energy, because two material are pressed together, heat energy from absorb a layer to be conducted pervious to light on the layer, make two material fuse and be united in wedlock. Plastic laser transmission solders the principle expands as a result of the heat of material itself at the same time dilate generates in-house pressure, in-house pressure and outside pressure are collective action ensured of two parts solder stably. Two graphs showed above intuitionisticly the principle that plastic laser beam welding accepts and process. The energy of visible laser light beam must by plastic absorb, ability is achieved good solder the effect, because this is plastic,laser solders to use semiconductor laser commonly. Additional, not be all and plastic can solder with laser solder. Plastic can distinguish sex of the solid that it is heat and thermoplastic two kinds. Heat up solid sex among them plastic do not have repeat shape quality, also cannot solder, and thermoplastic plastic after heating again, can fuse again (can apply heat reach refrigeration, make its produce reversible change) , it is change of so called physics, because this is had but weldability. Plastic laser beam welding receives technology (1) the wavelengh of laser is plastic solder commonly used is diode laser or semiconductor laser in the process. Beam of light is in close infra-red area, and wavelengh of beam of light is in 400 ~ 1, 100μm, can pass fiber-optic transmit, inside this limits stimulate beam of light to be able to be absorbed by most plastic place. Diode laser beam welding accepts a system compact, and laser still can achieve more advanced and other power. The wavelengh of laser can be designed according to special requirement. The wavelengh of semiconductor laser is 808 ~ commonly 980μm. Cost of semiconductor laser investment is small, volume is minor, efficiency is tall. (2) plastic material is thermoplastic plastic include amorphous plastic with half brilliant sex plastic. What can be soldered by laser is plastic all belong to thermoplastic plastic. Theoretic, all thermoplastic plastic can be soldered by laser. Plastic laser beam welding receives the requirement with plastic to be being soldered technology to be: In the material inside hot action area, the demand is good to the absorbency of laser light-wave; Do not belong to the material of share of hot action division, ask to be opposite of light-wave good through the gender, be in especially thin to two plastic when undertaking folding solder, be such more. General to hot action area plastic in add absorbefacient to be able to achieve a goal. (3) the application of absorbefacient absorbefacient is plastic laser beam welding the very vital technology in receiving technology. The essence that plastic laser beam welding receives is area of will hot action wait for solder plastic melt, cooling and natural implementation is subsequently plastic joint. Let plastic melt need makes plastic draw enough laser energy. Normally ideal absorbefacient is carbon black, carbon black can draw the laser energy of infra-red wavelengh basically entirely, raise plastic heat to absorb the effect greatly thereby, make the material of hot action area melts it is better to get faster, result. The dye of a few other facial expression, also can remove identical absorption the effect of light-wave. The method that adds absorbefacient has 3 kinds: It is direct to wait for solder absorbefacient of the infiltration in material, what should cross ooze absorbefacient so is plastic put below, and those who do not have ooze absorbefacient is plastic a superpose, let laser light-wave pass; 2 be to plastic wait for soldering exterior ooze absorbefacient, was permeated only so the one part of absorbefacient is plastic will make hot action division and be melted; 3 it is to be in two to wait for solder plastic the contact perhaps pressworks on place spray on absorbefacient. (4) other parameter and metal solder different, the laser power that plastic laser beam welding receives need is not bigger better. Solder laser power is greater, plastic a hot action division that go up is bigger, deeper, will bring about material overheat, be out of shape, damage even. The deepness that should melt according to need will choose laser power. The rate that plastic laser beam welding receives is rapidder, get 1mm thick welding line commonly solder speed can amount to 20m/min; And the CO2 laser that uses high power solders plastic film, top speed can achieve 750m/min. The application in domain of medical apparatus and instruments applies extensively in domain of medical apparatus and instruments as plastic material, new-style plastic production and treatment craft also emerge in endlessly, laser beam welding is received serve as a kind among them, because its free from contamination, blame contacts a gender, without seam the advantage such as join to get the wide attention of this industry. Cerumen defends implement Acousticon more and more tend miniaturization, provide the hearing aid with smaller, more comfortable, sightless naked eye for the user thereby. The ITE Acousticon of current model has little finger tip only in that way size. But all Acousticon are facing a big problem: The ear candle of the generation inside ear path (also weigh cerumen) to sound output extent causes pollution. Develop its to make sure Acousticon is OK reliable function, the position that is necessary to be outputted in its sound provides preventive measure. Phonak is new-style " intelligence convoys " cerumen defends in, adoption method is soldered on tiny gasket a kind what have tall flexibility paper-thinly is diaphragmatic, it cuts off cerumen effectively to enter Acousticon, this kind solders the film of laser attack by surprise that the technology is development of company of science and technology of Swiss Lai red solders craft makes the join craft of this one high accuracy becomes a possibility. Whole cerumen defends implement size has a few millimeter only, need receives a diaphragmatic solder about on the gasket of 3mm size, washerbed down the livestock is used thermoplastic material is made. Instrument of analytic instrument analysis matchs stock design to be normally one-time used specific part. To reduce cost as far as possible, these component majority are plastic products. The component in the graph is in China research and development, use at haemal analysis. Will choose outline welder here art. Because two components all are transparent design, to soldering so craft is having special demand. Shoot to can absorb laser bundle, joint must put transparent part in upper part usually when two different components, the component that is located in lower part is had absorb ability. The two joint component of here - crust and cover lid - all be transparent. Before because of this is soldering actually the process begins, as stimulate beam of light to absorb implement park on the welding line of two components. Laser beam welding of conduit of bursa of ball of ball bursa conduit is received is use laser the infrared ray that regards energy as origin solders, can use stimulate beam of light to shoot the plastic surface that absorbs laser directly, make plastic and fused implementation solders. Advanced laser beam welding receives a technology to be able to realize end of ball bursa head and body without seam join, make ball bursa conduit is in when bend and be being advanced in narrow pathological changes blood-vessel straightway, fall to hemal injury to the smallest, unit process of cargo bandling is more safe. Laser beam welding receives a technology introduce be helpful for dilate of bursa of farther contractible ball tracheal and most advanced external diameter. Solder with the metal different is plastic laser beam welding the laser power that receives need wants small. Solder laser power is greater, plastic a hot action division that go up is bigger, deeper, will bring about material overheat, be out of shape, damage even, the deepness that should melt according to need from this is reasonable choice laser power. Dispensation system " system giving drug " or system of burden of medicines and chemical reagents can help a patient use drug continuously. Its more and more cabinet structure more facilitate carry. For example the pump that Rowe Pump pump is drive of a pure physics, can install different pump to send dosage. Its package must stand the in-house pressure that is as high as 4 Bar. Because be used at the patient directly, because this is wholesome respect demand is extremely high, and compositive small passageway diameter is located in > 10 μm area, welding line must not have grain completely absolutely. Laser beam welding of have the aid of receives a technology to be able to satisfy these requirements. Small stream accuse model of attack by surprise of component have the aid of to solder the principle can solder firm accurately small stream control a part. Passageway geometry appearance can keep unvarnished, avoid melt to flow into only in the narrow channel of 200 µm. Look into what plastic laser beam welding receives craft to go up in medical apparatus and instruments to use far more than afore-mentioned a few kinds, plastic laser beam welding receives craft to be being used by manufacturer of more and more medical apparatus and instruments, its applied foreground will be very bright. Be about to make solder however the effect reachs satisfactory level, still need to be opposite solder power, solder speed, solder the parameter such as frequency is debugged ceaselessly and experiment. Receive a technology to be applied at the production of medical treatment equipment besides laser beam welding currently, the technology of laser beam machining that has a lot of other innovation also has very large latent capacity in the production of medical treatment equipment, bore of laser surface modified, Laser Cutting, laser and laser are for instance tiny treatment. Believe to study well and be drawn lessons from use technologies of these advanced laser beam machining, the medical treatment equipment that can design more high quality, high demand. CNC Milling