Sway compressor raises a spare parts to machine speed

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Graph the 1 device placing forge that is used at straight bevel gear of differential of Belarus brand tractor to make is installed in company of Heinrich Schmid AG of Swiss Jona city debug and costly before large volume figuration and photograph of cutting treatment method are compared, sway forge and hot v group have clear advantage legally, exterior quality also is improved somewhat. Company of Swiss Heinrich Schmid AG is developed since 1980 and produced pressure of all sorts of norms from 300~800t sway compressor. Minsker tractor manufactory already became one of the oldest tractor mills on the world by right of its Belarus brand. Recently, this company undertook to the production of the differential straight bevel gear of the tractor automation is transformed, did update thoroughly. This company is used now new-style the straight bevel gear that sways compressor machines two gearshift series, this was planted in the past gear is made with cutting method. Sway the greatest pressure of compressor is 400t, the operation equipment that assembles and unassemble automatically with offers money together. In addition, this order bag still includes the applied research and development of correspondence of place of two straight bevel gear, the research and development that requires a tool, make, the assembly in Switzerland, debug, and the installation in MiNSKer, debug and the part such as put into production. Modernization produces this to approve order to belong to the integrated modernization of MiNSKer tractor plant to transform a project, the long equipment that this factory plans to already had the share 40 single-page calendar history transforms newest technical level to go up. Be in charge of this project what whole thing sheds management is Swiss Trading group. Belarus is the tractor brand of MiNSKer tractor plant, this enterprise is built 1946, it is one of the oldest tractor mills on the world, production tractor shares 4 series. Model includes 6~12 horse power (1 horsepower =735.

499W, similarly hereinafter) miniature tractor, the small-sized tractor of 20~35 horsepower, of 50~150 horsepower muti_function tractor (this kind of tractor can be used at paddy to cultivate) , and the large multipurpose tractor of 155~300 horsepower and index car. To two medium-sized tractor series, this company will be used new-style sway compressor makes differential straight bevel gear. Two 6 straight bevel gear, difference should be installed on every tractor fast implement the difference with side gear and lesser quadruplet fast implement small bevel gear. If make multilateral battalion company, the treatment deepness that will see Belarus from traditional point of view all the time very tall, achieved almost 100% . If differential straight bevel gear remains this him company up to now,treatment is made. Mix through v swing reach final figure alleged Revacycle gear uses milling and broaching method to be made on these old machines namely. The cutting of blank needs to spend many time, and exterior quality also cannot accord with quality requirement. In addition, cost of material also swings than using figuration law tower above 70% above. And do not fall high in house of raw material price today, these many cost no longer follow a rational line to do some work well. Mix through will simple hot v from the back of back-to-back move swing to be united in wedlock, can produce the advantage of two kinds of methods adequately, can obtain more advantageous process consequently, can improve final result again at the same time. After the blank of straight bevel gear takes the advantage of hot v, can reach final figure 65% the left and right sides. Swinging in the operation, achieve final outline with cold figuration, gear also reached final figure. Company of Heinrich Schmid AG generated the design parameter of production tine, those who decided pair of v blank give parameter (see a picture 1) . Above all milling sample, assure its function sex in order to examine. Belarus brand product is in early days is outward hull shape, and the torque with deferent need put forward to give parameter, these parameter basically the parameter conform to with original part. Compare with cutting photograph, swing v achieves fight rupture intensity tower above 30% , bend fatigue intensity rose about 40% . The precision of gear clench the teeth of DIN 3965 reached the tolerancepublic errand mass of IT8 class, and IT9 class is only when cutting is machined. Compare with cutting photograph, the charge of the treatment that place forge is only 80% , and exterior quality got rising considerably, place the exterior quality Ra=0 of forge.

3, and the exterior quality Ra=2 of cutting.

0. The premise here is, v process offers blank by formulary quality. Graph what 2 installation are placing the operation equipment at the back of plane of dynamic pressure force to be in charge of a spare parts is automatic assemble and unassemble the blank that machines through forginging is be offerred by v factory and had done those who lubricate. The automatic deferent device that forging is through installation at the back of machinery is deferent come over (see a picture 2) . When blank carries machinery to go up, rise to machine height through promotion machine (see a picture 3, 4) . Such blank overcame the high difference of 60mm, put into the mould again next. After this, minutely can place forge 6~10 spare parts. This company already will produce per year a quantity preliminary it is straight bevel gear of about 600 thousand differential surely, consider enlarge its to other type. Nextpage graph 3 v blank sends the technology that expects the gear that can use directly swings to not be person place one kind of the technology to know relatively automatically is cold figuration technology, when using this kind of method, figuration force from beginning to end action the part at workpiece apparently. When blank of lower mould general the top overwhelms in upper mould when, upper mould is met according to place part certainly around swing axes does a circle to sway motion, the bulk that places part is in about 0~2. Material is approximate at by " make friends is entered " in the model, consequently force is action only from beginning to end the part at workpiece apparently. Accordingly, attrition force is smaller than be when punch of going from place to place much, material produces radial flow below the circumstance that does not have very great resistance. Such, the pulling force of going from place to place that occurrence the greatest stress just exceeded workpiece a little just. Graph the v blank before the 4 processes that place forge because interface is lesser, be helpful for attrition, the figuration power that needs consequently is ten times less than wanting when punch of going from place to place. Nevertheless, pass upper mould swing motion, OK still and absolutely flawless the ground achieves huge figuration rate. When using punch of similar going from place to place, mould it is difficult that apparently attrition makes the radial flow of material becomes special. The central part of exterior extruding stress in workpiece is the largest, jump over to the brim more small. Attrition power is greater, the greatest stress is greater also. When punch of traditional going from place to place, this kind of stress can achieve a lot of times of tension of going from place to place. Because make shade model do not need too large expenses, the advantage also is had when placing forge to be machined in small lot consequently. The technology that place forge suits to be used at all whirl symmetrical spare parts, like flange dish, coupling wait with bevel gear. This kind of technology basically is spare parts supplier uses the car, but it still has bigger applied field. Place forge to because,move for many times method and mechanical tectonic be caused by, swing Zhan pressing is law of figuration of a kind of only course. A stroke of pressure drift implements step of a figuration only, but this figuration is a course a certain number of sway athletic cycle comes true. Achieve through swaying below room temperature without oscillatory figuration, undertake around the follow-up of cutting is machined next. Use a chute to convey differential straight bevel gear, retroflexion according to dimension again next rear, stiletto, broaching, quench again finally sclerotic, gear itself can be used after placing forge. Used new-style manufacturing technology as differential straight bevel gear, can see a when transform to automation urge action apparently. Company of Swiss Heinrich Schmid AG is right this project, and of the project fulfil special also satisfaction. The design that ages especially and structure, and the production of the mould, full out is same company, conduce to the quick implementation of whole project. Enterprise of this White Russia has about 40 thousand stuff, make 4~6 every year 10 thousand tractors, sell on past world 60 many countries. Because of traditional be caused by, major agriculture machinery is sold forth hamster group state and Asia. Nevertheless, bigger and bigger globalization market, make MiNSKer expanded to sell the market on one hand, but the pressure that also felt older and older automation is transformed on the other hand. CNC Milling