Ying Wei vacates synchronism of door of servo DA200 dragon to cream in stannum the application of printing machine

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Equipment brief introduction is full automatic stannum creams printing machine is average by page make-up, Jia Xigao, embossing, transmit electricity the orgnaization such as road board is comprised. Its working principle is: First will black-and-white circuit board fixed pressworking on fixed position stage, cream stannum by the or so drawknife of printing machine next or red glue passes solder of correspondence of print of steel net leakage dish, imprint to leaking even PCB, stick a machine to undertake be stickinged automatically through transmitting an input to come piece, double Y axis is this equipment filar lever connective dragon door structure, want to maintain both sides speed to agree in the process that high speed locates, this contains the function of dragon door synchronism with respect to need servo; Chart 12. The use of synchronism of door of dragon of brief introduction of dragon door synchronism, the key is controlling the fast shift such as two floating platform, if the shift between two axes has too large difference amount, can cause the damage of the orgnaization, because the synchronism between this two axes is mobile,control is the first important or urgent business that dragon door synchronism uses. The dragon door that the DA200 series place of chart 2INVT offers synchro control function, the person that let use reachs demand smoothly, driver proper motion synchro control, when the permission that exceeds set when positional deviation is worth, can issue a warning, stop a system to move. P4.

Limits of pulse of 33[position out of tolerance] can set the threshold value of positional out of tolerance that call the police. The parallel sex that synchro control basically depends on dragon door wanting to assure to control dragon mast above all mainly, the first pace passes an origin function to place dragon mast with respect to need straight, answer the process of origin to go up a machine give out to answer origin signal to give the left and right sides two servo only, after coming up against switch of two or so origin, the movement from the back all has servo to complete an origin action; Go up above all a machine to give out at the same time respectively lead plane and from machine answer origin signal, lead plane (from machine) after coming up against origin inductor first, stop, await from machine come up against origin inductor, two signal have at the same time at the same time in the future moves 1 round after effect (P6.

38=10000) after letting, move at the same time forth again until come up against inductive switch to stop, the lead plane in origin process is being answered during gives all the time remove from machine dragon door signal, signal of dragon door synchronism gives out after counterpoint is finished; After dragon mast counterpoint is finished by go up an opportunity is final give out machinery answers origin signal; The buy inside DA200 applies 6 kinds in what disparate industry accuses to fall to answer origin mode to offer client alternative. Chart 33.

Does dragon door control principle: ? Scandium of alkyne of Yu of rotten peptone of extensive of Nai of  of leap up of krypton of  of dice of crucian carp of trade of  of commission of  of ox of lotus root of narrow one's eyes of extensive of Nai of  of leap up of krypton of  of dice of times few ≈ carries stool of Yao of broken dice of Piao of charming of  of huge rock of  of  of chaste tree of  of Man hill prostitute Ao Yu of Su of  delay bed is thrown.

31 to P6.


Chart 44: Electric wiring; Lead plane: Pulse signal.

From output of machine scale down.

Servo calls the police.

Origin is started (DI1) .

Origin inductor (DI2) .

Answer origin to finish (D01) .

Dragon door synchronism removes (DO2) from machine: Pulse signal.

Lead plane scale down is outputted.

Servo calls the police.

Origin inductor (DI2) dragon door synchronism removes (DI3) 5.

Servo debugs measure: · P6.

30 open dragon door synchro switch; The wiring of mouth of · basis IO decides lead plane is mixed from machine (P6.

37) · P4.

Direction of 62 grating feet and electric machinery direction are consistent; Inertia of machinery of · online study (can pass R0.

Inertia of real time load compares 51 observation machine) · debugs gain according to actual condition; · installs P4 according to the circumstance.

64 parameter (can pass R0.

53 examine deviation of position of dragon door synchronism to be worth) · looks to whether need to take way of counterpoint of synchronism of the door that turn over dragon according to actual condition (P6.

41) with dragon door synchronism counterpoint backs down distance (P6.

37) specific parameter installs as follows: 6: ? Function of synchronism of door of dragon of the buy inside A200 of  of body of curtain of Fu of crock of paddle of any of several hot spice plants of  of  huge rock, simplify on position control implement, reduce control cost; · synchronous precision is tall, repeat 1mm of fixed position precision; · runs on the safe side, when random of servo of principal and subordinate one appears state of alarm, dragon mast stops immediately; · synchronism is debugged convenient. CNC Milling