The character of sensor static state that is based on fictitious instrument is analysed

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The working character of foreword sensor passes his static, dynamic characteristic and direct report comes out, static character is the input when each values that state sensor is being measured to input a quantity are in steady state, output concerns, can highlight each index that reflects sensor more, character of sensor static state basically points to sex of degree of linearity, lag, repeatability and static receiver error. Need a variety of instruments to be finished jointly to the test of character of sensor static state, analysis before, and the computation of the input, measurement that outputs signal, record, characteristic index needs to be finished artificially, workload low, dependability differs big, efficiency. The capability of data processing of sensor character analysis that is based on fictitious instrument is strong, efficiency is tall, flexibility and consistency are good, indication content is rich, printout is convenient, have price of extremely tall sex to compare, already was applied widely. The measurement of character of sensor static state and computation make fictitious test instrument by all of computer science department, complete characteristic to sensor static state analysis, realized fast, accurate, agile, reliable purpose to experiment circularly to character of a sensor, when taking 5 calibration to nod, of measurement point distributing see a table 1. Dependability is measured to assure in real test, should repeat a test at least 3 loops, take 5 calibration place, in all 25 measured value. Use commonly repeat a test 5 loops, take 7 calibration place, share 61 measured value. Will calculate by these measured value sex of sensor degree of linearity, arrearage, repeatability and static receiver error. The hardware of fictitious instrument expresses the fictitious instrument that is based on PC 1 measurement point distributings watch by the analysis knowable, if want to measure the characteristic index of sensor, need in each calibration nods sensor to input calibration signal, the level that measures sensor at the same time exports signal worth, the standard of sensor outputs signal to be 4 ~ 20mA or 1 ~ 5V commonly, and resistor of sampling of voltaic signal classics can transform for voltage signal. Traditional measurement technique is be measured with avometer and record every time the output signal value of sensor, use a PC to add A/D to expand board card will measure and record the output signal of sensor nowadays, can rise greatly measure precision and measure speed, and the PC has extremely strong operation capacity, convenient, agile ground is calculated and can analyse each characteristic index of sensor, have extremely high gender price to compare. Current, the PC has 3 above PCI to expand insert groove, and the signal of industrial level imitate that is based on PCI bus line collects board card phyletic and various, can collect mostly - 10 ~ + the signal inside 10V limits, and sampling precision goes to 16 from 12, sampling speed differs tens of thousands of times to 10 thousand about a hundred from every second, the stability that as industrial product its work and dependability already got consensus, already got applied extensively in industrial monitoring domain now. Check the characteristic with tall precision in the light of sensor, general requirement checks instrument precision to should achieve 5 × 10-4. Fictitious instrument uses common PC computer, expanded Taiwan grinds China the PCI-816 imitate quantity that is based on PCI bus line collects board card, board card is main the function has: Input of poor cent of 16 imitate signal, resolution is 16, speed of the biggest sampling is limits of sampling of 100kHz/s, signal wide and but soft hardware of set of software process designing, support sparks, but process designing chooses to interrupt grade and DMA deferent passageway, additional, still have word of 16 a movement in martial arts to measure input, output. The software of fictitious instrument is fictitious the hardware of the instrument is opposite software is simpler, and the operation of the instrument is convenient, whether all ready, indication picture abounds the function, whether but printout all sorts of analysis forms for reporting statistics, design a level completely to decide by software. Software uses VC++6.

0 weave below Windows environment, block diagram of program function structure is shown 1 times like the graph, can move below WindowsNT/98/2000/XP operating system, have a picture to show intuitionistic, the operation is convenient, agile wait for a characteristic. Graph after 1 program function writtens guarantee fictitious instrument software runs composition of a picture, can finish data to collect through pull-down menu or tool column pushbutton or input, revise, the operation such as switch of computation, indication picture and result printout. Input to go to the lavatory, revise all sorts of data, those who if the graph is shown 2 times,use is compositive window of degree of taller data input, modification dialog, among them sensor name, model and circular experiment frequency can be inputted directly, and set of each calibration dot is worth sensor and numerical value is measured to be able to press set to be in in the experiment be added newly and revise a commutation input. Need to input the set value that each calibration nods continuously for example, can pass in the pitch on in casing of operation method group [calibration input or test data] answer choose casing (cancel pitch on) to measuring the operation of data, at the same time pitch on [successive operation] answer choose casing, if pursue 2 in be shown, can input continuously. Can pass pitch on additionally 4 single button that choose ammonium [setting] , [insert] , [increase] and [delete] Niu Lai set is opposite medium different ammonium current suffix (journey number) the different operation of data. The collection that can finish whole data inside window of a dialog so, revise, improved the operation efficiency that logarithm occupies greatly. While every pace is operated, in the program the window can show the current data of all parameter. Graph what check the number of calibration of window of 2 data input, modification dialog is measured and need measured value amount to press time of input calibration check the number and circulation to be calculated automatically by the program. Check the number of calibration of program autoverify input is measured (M) and measured value amount (whether does N) satisfy type (1) , if do not satisfy pushbutton of the computation in a computational dish individual event and tool column to disable, till both and contented type (1) concerns. Can calculate after the examination affirms data validity sensor index of each static state. The indication that checks data and print to input or metrical data and computational result, the program can play a window in what differ inside show with a variety of forms such as form, curve, histogram come, offerred store with form of independent file and classified database, put form of different printout forms for reporting statistics beforehand. Can choose to differ through choosing different dish individual event or pushbutton show and printout means. Printout forms for reporting statistics provided design function 2 times, can edit a function through the plot in software and string, design form of printout forms for reporting statistics by oneself. Fictitious instrument already was in applied example the application in actual sensor test. Express 2 it is right a pressure sensor (span: 1MPa) , use 5 calibration site, repeat a loop what the experiment measures calculative share data 3 times (=3) of believe coefficient α . In expressing 2 pressure sensor to measure calculative share data to end Chinese although was opposite,with this fictitious instrument is measured, the dynamic character that analyses sensor makes the introduction, but the trends that can consult to analyse sensor to the analytic method of static character is characteristic, use fictitious instrument to have the function that fast A/D changes, quantity happening is inputted in sensor rank jump or change continuously while, make successive A/D sampling to sendout, pass the analysis of pair of sampling results, the input that can reach sensor changes to letting time measures answer character. CNC Milling