How to make function of solid state hard disk comprehensive develop?

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Nowadays, as it is increasingly mature to show those who put a technology, make those who make cost reduce, product of solid state hard disk begins the pronoun from high-end product, became DIY to install the basic configuration of machine slowly. So, when using solid state hard disk, do we need what to detail notice? We this how Where is the better overall performance that develops solid state hard disk? Below, we look together. Interface has an university to ask hardware of computer of different and other DIY the product, product of solid state hard disk differs according to the agreement, there is differ in thousands ways on product configuration. Our common solid state hard disk, basically have SATA interface, M. 2 and the product of interface of 3 kinds of physics such as Msata interface. SATA interface is most common interface type, almost all advocate board can support, it is current most the mainstream also is the type of solid state hard disk with most rich product, the solid state manufacturer of the majority has production relevant product. The product of SATA interface, basically implement SATA standard, reading consequently write there is apparent restriction on speed. M. 2 interface are to be born at formerly advocate board the interface that go up, this kind of interface differs according to bus line, still can divide those who be SATA standard and PCIE mark. The character of this kind of product depends on, product measure a rope for towing a boat is small, differ according to accident, still can divide it is 2242 / of 2230 / 2260 and 2280 wait for 4 kinds of products, return those who having interface of Yuan Chao SATA to read at the same time keep rate, it is the development direction of future of solid state hard disk. Be based on the hard disk of PCIe interface solid state of NVMe agreement especially, the future with more entire established industry develops a tendency. As to Msata interface, it is SATA interface substantially, it is multi-purpose only reach at jotter super- extremely this getting on, utility limits is lesser. 4K should is opposite to neat 4K neat it is to point to accord with " 4K fan area " the hard disk that definition format has changed, and according to " 4K fan area " regulation keeps data. Develop as the times, hard disk capacity is ceaseless and patulous, the every fan area that before making, defines 512 byte are so reasonable no longer, then every fan area 512 byte instead every fan area 4096 byte, often say now namely " 4K fan area " . Made system of hard disk file as NTFS, the acquiesce of its file system allocates unit size (bunch) also be 4096 byte, answer to make bunch and fan area opposite, although physical hard disk is divisional the logistic partition that uses with the computer is right neat, make sure hard disk is read write efficiency, had so " 4K is right neat " concept. In times of solid state hard disk, if 4K is incorrect neat, not only meeting huge reduces data to be written and read take rate, still can increase solid state hard disk to keep a number needlessly, influence life. When using solid state hard disk so, must be opposite into travel 4K first neat, ability makes solid state hard disk true fly. In daily life, we can use Win7 directly, 8 or after the disk government tool of the buy inside Win10 system will undertake the format turns an operation, be opposite in order to realize 4K neat. The software of hard disk partition that also can use a few major will realize 4K to be opposite neat, for example DiskGenius (hard disk is divisional) , divisional assistant. Still can use AS SSD Benchmark at the same time this software will examine solid state hard disk whether 4K is right neat, place of red frame of as above picture is shown, if be in 1024, contain at the back of the number of 2048 and so on " OK " model of written characters, show SSD already 4K is right neat. If do not have " OK " model of written characters, demonstrative 4K was opposite neat. If " OK " the number in front is exceedingly large, not be 1024, the number of 2048 and so on, explain when installing an operating system, hard disk differentiated to conceal partition. In system of the Win7 when installation, meet what generate 100M automatically conceal partition. In system of the Win8 when installation, meet what generate 350M automatically conceal partition. Should not withhold C only dish the hard disk before conceals partition, so " OK " in front can show 1024, the number of 2048 and so on. If withholding, that " OK " the number in front can become very great. CNC Milling