Accept rice laser measures foot

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The accept rice that our country uses own intellectual property the first times to develop measures class laser to measure feet to develop a success in Tsinghua university. This director does not pass the small laser rule of 30cm, can measure an object accurately the displacement between 12mm ~ 79nm, expand and adjustable metabolic circumstance, measure precision to be able to achieve diameter of silk of a hair 800 1/0, the precision that measures an instrument than the tradition raises 100 times above, to raising precision of the measurement of nicety machinery component, treatment, and the respect such as the construction safety that ensures the construction such as bridge, dam has important sense. Our country is developing the laser that our country initiate used first in feet of laser of rice of this kind of accept double frequency technology, have complete own intellectual property. With abroad the laser of coequal precision interferes instrument photograph to compare, no matter be weight, bulk,reduce substantially, cost cost also is reduced greatly. CNC Milling