Mitutoyo Crysta

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In recent years, proportion of production of much breed small lot is larger and larger, assembled automation to also be paid close attention to extensively, this measured equipment to put forward high accuracy to measure to 3 coordinate reach multinomial detect the requirement of rationalize. Survey the professional manufacturer of machine as 3 coordinate, 3 abundant company developed all-purpose measuring instrument of cursor type XY 1968, developed optical reading type, circumgyrate encode type, uniform encoding type and hand 3D to measure in succession again subsequently etc measure aircraft variety. In recent years, coordinate of CNC3 of development of devoted and vast power surveys 3 abundant company machine, first CNA774 measuring instrument came out 1976, develop a H422, BN, FN, KN measuring instrument again subsequently, the course is improved ceaselessly and develop, already developed present high speed, high accuracy 3 coordinate are measured machine, if Crysta-Apex S series is mixed,the new-style machine such as MACH, LEGEX is planted. Among them, the new model of 3 abundant -- series of CRYSTA-Apex S of CNC standard type has a lot of outstanding property, be like initial term 1.

The high accuracy of 7 μ M, crysta-Apex S series (the SP25M that measure a head) MPEe= of the biggest concessional error (1.

7+3L/1000) μ M. Optional match temperature to compensate a system, the work that considers to pledge to grating feet and different capable person at the same time undertakes temperature is compensated assorted, excel is onefold compensate a system. The system chooses drive of high speed, tall acceleration, speed of the biggest drive is Crysta-Apex S series 519mm/s, the biggest acceleration is 2309mm/s2. Can shorten greatly total measurement time. When developing new product, 3 abundant company always holds to a principle, namely must him company considers to develop all sorts of crucial technologies. Such, in change design is mixed reduce the respect such as cost, have greater freedom to spend, do not suffer other company to develop the limitation of sequential, can press the need of the market, develop new product independently. To the heat that prospective much task measures, 3 abundant company still develops muti_function measuring instrument, ability of measuring instrument of achievable much in the past platform finishs a measuring instrument survey a project. Be aimed at client demand additionally, 3 abundant company still can have development actively the product of process designing exercise. CNC Milling