The note analyses vulture mill machine

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Today, analyse the note of vulture mill machine for everybody, we look together below! 1.

Size of diameter of work of vulture mill engine and outfit clip kind are special test feed deepness. So cutting flexibility is fought to molder extremely easily after workpiece is met cutting tool, if your workpiece diameter extends length exceed 50mm under workpiece of 3mm of 16mm feed deepness and did not use a center, and the car comes out outside round cylinder is spent can have deviation. 2.

Data of work of vulture mill engine is weak hard the parameter set that decided feed with cutting function. The uniformity that workpiece material organizes, make cutting tool is accepted continue to pound cutting force, the constituent hardness of defective goods steel normally inhomogenous, burst apart very easily cutting tool. 3.

The angle of razor blade of vulture mill machine and appearance production manufacturer have a level, living especially. , if be double-edged razor blade,commonly used arbor has point of view, do not have impossibly oh hind horn. 4.

The feed of vulture mill machine included feed deepness sea to include feed rate not merely. 5.

The rotate speed of work of vulture mill engine is having close relationship with feed. 6.

The brand of razor blade of vulture mill machine is very main also, the treatment of all sorts of material wants those who consider bit to choose. 7.

The whole of vulture mill machine is rigid, the size of natural frequency can bring about the self excited vibration of the machine tool, numerical control machine tool does not suit to do heavy cut and rough machining normally, using an end because of its is finish machining, its apply a characteristic is processing, with you lathe model can match when deepness of proposal set cutting. Above uses a few basic notes of machine tool of vulture mill machine namely, hope before buy broad client friend can understand these, in order to have later can lathe of better use numerical control. CNC Milling