Mould technology progress promotes report to machine the promotion of machine tool function

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1 foreword in recent years the swift and violent development of mould industry, posed new challenge to mould technology. Electric spark is machined all the time since the core part that is mould technology, producing the effect that hold the balance in noting model moulding to build especially. At present the in progressing to had replaced a mould to make a few electric spark of technology of high speed milling machine working procedure, because this somebody thinks,its develop a trend to will replace electric spark treatment. But if be opposite,the advantage with respective technology of figuration of this two old patterns and inadequacy give serious analysis to be able to discover, because treatment of high speed mill suffers what milling machines means itself characteristic to restrict, it can not replace electric spark to machine in mould treatment. Narrow like deep chamfer seam, inside the clear treatment side clear part, arris, subtle, complex, accurate treatment, deep model the treatment of antrum, still have the treatment that exceeds hard data, these are the place that process capability place is deficient in high speed mill, treatment of contrary electric spark has absolutely advantage however. Additional, electric spark treatment falls in the effect that at present numerical control technology develops new condition, forward the numerical control of deeper administrative levels, higher level changes direction to develop quickly. Machine tool of electric spark of new-style nowadays numerical control emerges in endlessly, the function of the machine tool of numerical control electric spark of all sorts of brands had comprehensive promotion. The product of series of new fund SA with machine tool of scintilla of cipher telegram of essence of Beijing ACTSPRK numerical control is later development exemple (graph 1) , the property that in introduce machine tool of numerical control electric spark to be made in the mould, acquires promotes. Machine tool of electric spark of 2 numerical control is in series of SA of machine tool of scintilla of cipher telegram of essence of numerical control of graph 1 ACTSPRK the mould is made in obtained property promotes 2.

Of 1 treatment precision increase mould trade substantially development, taller and taller to the requirement of mould precision. Tall exact pattern receives model of plug-in unit, IC to seal box of model, mobile phone, CD to wait like miniature, already made the very popular mould variety on the market. The precision of treatment already had these mould electric spark to rise in the round, dimension treatment requirement can amount to R of corner of M of ± 2-3 μ , underside to be worth a requirement to be less than 0.

03mm, demand of treatment surface surface roughness is low to Ra0.

3 μ M, ask lens face is machined even. Of precision of treatment of mould electric spark rise, of precision of machine tool of electric spark of numerical control of complete benefit from benefit from rise. Because use a machine tool to undertake machining, treatment precision cannot surmount machine tool precision. Because this puts electric machine tool to be competent hard commonly,the electric spark of the high accuracy that finish is machined, choosing good discharge machine tool is the premise that assures to machine precision. Series of SA of machine tool of scintilla of cipher telegram of essence of ACTSPRK numerical control uses technology of core of Agie Charmilles group, improved the quality that numerical control electric spark machines greatly. Machine tool tigidity is good, short C form designs the discharge space that made sure essence of life is accurate; Swiss pulse power source can realize the stable treatment below little space condition; Drive of electric machinery of dc of X, Y, Z assured the fixed position of high accuracy, high-powered servo control system can control treatment deepness error in minimal obtain high accuracy treatment; Rich translation means uses measure of outline of accurate compensation face; Loss of the electrode in finish machining is small, finish machining module satisfies lens face to machine a requirement, can machine the appearance that gives high grade; Automatic treatment reduced numerical control to machine precision to be depended on to what the person is greatly. 2.

Of 2 treatment efficiency raise treatment of electric spark of contemporary mould requirement to improve efficiency of thick, finish machining considerably below the premise that assures precision. Wait for a domain like appearance of things of goods of mobile phone crust, home appliance, electric equipment, electron, ask the discharge time of workpiece of will large area shortens considerably, want to reduce surface roughness again at the same time. After the requirement discharges, some moulds undertake manual polish is handled no longer, this not only shortened handling time and the trouble of dispense with aftertreatment, promoted a mould quality at the same time. The requirement of these efficiency respects raised taller requirement to the function of machine tool of numerical control electric spark. Series of SA of machine tool of scintilla of cipher telegram of essence of ACTSPRK numerical control uses pure Switzerland to import pulse power source to make the productivity of treatment rises substantially. AEP is full automatic aggrandizement of process designing system the retrieval that machines a condition function, can undertake multistage the switch that machines a condition, through undertaking multistage the switch that machines a condition, can undertake each condition issues the treatment of optimal surplus, can shorten handling time, raise treatment precision. If use the red copper electrode of 20 ㎜ of Φ ,go up in 4Cr5MoSiV1 steel makings treatment 0.

5 ㎜ are deep, achieve lens side effect (make an appointment with Ra 0.

1 μ M) when be being used only 3.

5 hours (graph 2) ; When one antrum rough machining uses model of pen of transverse treatment Ha Fu 0.

8 hours, finish machining achieves Ra0.

Of 8 μ M bright and clean degree when be being used only 1.

2 hours. AEP is additionally full automatic the auxiliary time that process designing function reduced process designing, friendly man-machine interface makes the operation becomes very quick, also rose to machine efficiency on certain level. Machine tool of efficient numerical control electric spark is the capital that pattern company expands competition ability of market of market space, promotion, yi Yu of the new product that its are developed and becomes, new technology is welcome. Graph 2 lens face processes type graph 3 treatment breath out husband pen model 2.

Function had the increases machine tool of electric spark of current and advanced numerical control automation of 3 automation degree to rise in the round. Series of SA of machine tool of scintilla of cipher telegram of essence of ACTSPRK numerical control is optional match AEC (electrode exchanges unit automatically) place location system with fast outfit (EROWA, 3R) , treatment of so whole electric spark wants to load electrode knife library before treatment only, work out good machine program, can run automatically, use fiducial ball and measure a head to have fixed position, the carries out electrode and work place automatically measurement in treatment and amend, the treatment that monitor, need not operate artificially, broke a tradition to machine trival operation mode. The outside searching automatically center that additionally the machine tool has, search inside center, look for horn, electrode to look for axis of parallel, C automatically to rotate coordinate is fastened need not the automation that the function such as the successive treatment of corrective workpiece, many workpiece reflected Gao Shuiping of machine tool of numerical control electric spark. Automation function reduced the labor intensity that operates personnel, improved manufacturing efficiency, rose to machine precision. 2.

4 intelligence change rate upgrade machine tool of electric spark of new-style numerical control used intelligence to control a technology mostly. Machine the promotion of the requirement to electric spark as the market, intelligence changes a technology to also be in upgrade ceaselessly. The NC software of series of SA of machine tool of scintilla of cipher telegram of essence of ACTSPRK numerical control is based on WINDOWS XP platform, man-machine interface is friendly, intelligence changes rate tall, yi Xueyi is used. System of AEP automatic process designing selects engine of choose and employ persons conversational mode, in process designing process, should hint by the system measure is founded only opposite at 0 o'clock, found treatment those who found discharge treatment to be able to implement a program is the position, automatic generate, need not remember any code; Reasonable input wants only in founding discharge to machine a process or choose technical data to be able to be in substantial craft parameter library detect automatically optimal treatment condition, if select translation means, electrode and workpiece capable person,surface roughness of qualitative, target is worth, value of area of bottom of input treatment deepness, electrode, taper, electrode shrinks the index such as to the limit of one's capacity; System of AEP automatic process designing has rich treatment strategy, the treatment effect of attainable ideal, if can choose standard, small loss, efficient discharge mode, can divide again do not have strong fluid, needle for standard, standard dot, narrow seam, the craft type such as perforation; Become sectional when treatment when electrode, can reach the change that machines deepness according to machining an area, automatic choice machines a condition; The work out can undertake the imitate of the program after the program very much, and can show through image will check; In machining a process, monitor by the computer decide the condition of clearance of electric spark treatment, along with the change that machines deepness implementation suits oneself carry knife, implementation machines the intelligent control of the process. Intelligence changes rate upgrade it is easier to make the machine tool is operated, lower to operating the technical level of personnel to ask. 2.

The promotes machine tool of numerical control electric spark property promotion of side of 5 other performance still includes field of a lot of other. Series of SA of machine tool of scintilla of cipher telegram of essence of ACTSPRK numerical control is in extend applied respect to be able to realize four-axle 4 linkage treatment, it is OK to be like the whorl outside treatment, inside the intricate work such as whorl, three-dimensional helicoid; Safe respect used fire prevention to detect automatically device, fluid face detects device, prevent collision function; Energy-saving respect is particularly remarkable, congener product capacity is 10 ~ 15KVA, and SA power has 3 only.

7KVA, managing the electric energy of half above. Below the new condition that 3 last words develop quickly in mould technology, processing technique of numerical control electric spark already gained revolutionary headway. Electric spark machined the function of the machine tool to also get comprehensive promotion, below the effect that develops in technology of high speed mill, manufacturer of production of electric spark machine tool will be ceaseless improve to producing a technology give, improve efficiency of the treatment quality of machine tool of numerical control electric spark, treatment greatly, the remain invincible in making technology of this one non-traditional machining is made in the mould. CNC Milling