High speed treatment is not equal at efficient production

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High speed treatment is relatively conventional treatment the system, it includes two implications: Rotate speed of tall main shaft and Gao Jin give an amount, use high-powered machine tool namely, with normally on the meaning severalfold even the high accuracy that the treatment speed of a few times will come to come true to be machined to workpiece, efficient, achieve the goal that improves productivity finally. However, whether to choose high speed machining center to mean manufacturing efficiency to you can get rising certainly? The answer is not such. 10 years ago, 10s of > of the 18m/min of < of fast and floating rate of machining center, speed that change a knife, its function and the machining center now are a not to be named on the same day with. In those days, what use machining center comprises is flexible the cost that machines a line also is very costly. Because the cutting tool of inchoate machining center and knife library are in,the problem on the structure has not gotten be settlemented completely, in certain working procedure, bolt to closing the treatment of aperture still must use private plane on working procedure especially. As the ceaseless progress of science and technology, new-style cutting tool emerges in endlessly, afore-mentioned problems get basically already now settlement. Main shaft rotate speed is in the those of those of machining center of modern high speed of 12000r/min above all is, what comprise completely by machining center is flexible product line also got applied extensively. However at this moment, another problem places in people before: What kind of machining center be chosen? The machine tool that the treatment example that article exemple cites differs with respect to 3 function is respectively below operating mode of rough machining and semifinishing machining, finish machining, machine different capable person to pledge the function when workpiece undertook compare and be analyticed. Rough machining and semifinishing machining are in flexible in treatment, rough machining machine tool offers stable semifinished product for final precision work, accordingly, rough machining working procedure is flexible a very main component in machining a line. The principle that chooses rough machining working procedure is: According to different treatment material chooses the machining center that rigid conform to closes. However, still manufacturer of engine of quite a few did not take rough machining working procedure seriously to should be chosen now why to plant machine tool. Current, the engine cylinder body that domestic engine plant uses uses cast-iron structure mostly. With the entrance semifinished product photograph is compared, mental allowance of homebred semifinished product is bigger and inhomogenous, material also is not stabilized character. Accordingly, the machine tool demand that the machine tool that domestic engine plant uses on this working procedure uses on should samer than abroad process is relatively a few higher. □ machines example with completing 4108 diesel engine aperture of thick boring cylinder is exemple: Cylinder body material: Diameter of HT250 crock aperture: 110mm unilateral surplus: 5mm machines place: Aperture of cylinder of end panel of around of underside of thick mill end face, thick mill, thick mill, thick boring chooses A, B, C3 to plant the machine tool of different function undertakes contrasting experimenting, if the main parameter of the machine tool expresses 1 to show. The cutting tool material that treatment working procedure can choose is as follows: 1, razor blade of hard alloy coating: Bit tenacity better, on the safe side, linear velocity is inferior, low-cost, apply to the semifinished product with poorer quality. 2, cermet razor blade: Bit tenacity dies poorlier, easily blade, linear velocity taller, value is secondary, apply to the semifinished product with better quality. Because quality of domestic semifinished product is not stable, the proposal chooses razor blade of hard alloy coating; Inquire cutting manual, vc is 150 ~ 240m/min, the proposal chooses the feed career of 180m/min; The main shaft rotate speed from aperture of rough machining cylinder decides on craft is 520 R/min. The A when Nextpage observes in main shaft rotate speed is 520 R/min, B, C3 is planted the function of the machine tool, the watch is shown 2 times for its contrast circumstance, analyse from this can reach the following conclusion: Rotate speed of main shaft of A machine tool is in 400 ~ when 500r/min, cannot offer the power that fits need of rough machining place and torque. This machine tool does not suit to be used at rough machining, but the treatment that this machine tool can use at facet and oily aperture. It is better that B machine tool can satisfy material to pledge the requirement of the rough machining of semifinished product and semifinishing machining, but must raise rotate speed of machine tool main shaft to just may gain greater power again, and torque already cannot rise again. Use this machine tool, can choose 4 ~ the boring cutter of 5 razor blade. Of main shaft rotate speed raise what will cause cutting tool life to reduce, increase the machine with broken razor blade to lead. The main shaft rotate speed of C machine tool is when 300 ~ 600 R/min, can offer enough great power and torque, satisfy the need of rough machining. To rough machining and semifinishing machining, this machine tool has stronger suiting ability. This treatment working procedure can choose the boring tool that 5 ~ age 7 times. In working procedure of thick mill bedding face, be like end panel of end face, underside, around, can you use a diameter to be normally? The Pan Xi knife of 160 ~ 200mm. If choose C machine tool, machine those who gain extraordinary stability the process; If choose B machine tool, the means ability that reduces every tine feed through increasing main shaft rotate speed only raises feed, but the investment that may allow an user to increase pair of cutting tool. Below better in semifinished product quality case, the performance of B machine tool is most excellent. It can machine cast-iron cylinder body not only, return the treatment of aluminous cylinder body of OK and compatible casting. B machine tool is had bigger flexible, be in Europe, the use of this kind of machine tool gains ground very, and A machine tool is designed for the treatment of nonferrous metal only. Finish machining main shaft is the heart of machining center, using driving main shaft is the key that chooses working procedure of tall rigid treatment. Finish machining should choose main shaft tigidity the machine tool with precision good, good stability. So, what razor blade should finish machining choose? From German engine the use circumstance of the factory looks, the boring of the boring of essence of life of crock aperture, essence of life of crankshaft aperture, camshaft aperture uses effect of CBN razor blade to had been compared. From theoretic tell, the price of CBN razor blade is 10 times of hard alloy razor blade, dan Jishou life also is 10 times of hard alloy razor blade. But, at present the use circumstance of domestic engine plant far short of this kind of effect, especially the treatment of crankshaft aperture. Because have the effect of oil groove and made of baked clay chamfer, those who add cast-iron material to pledge is not stable, CBN razor blade can achieve 300 ~ only in the Vc in be being machined actually 350m/min, FZ is in 0.

07 ~ 0.

1mm/Z. The machine tool that uses electric main shaft suits to use CBN cutting tool, because Vc achieves 300 ~ when 350m/min, main shaft rotate speed is 800 ~ 1000r/min, this interval is the area of gold rotate speed of electric main shaft normally, can output power of greater main shaft electric machinery already, can have bigger torque output again. Shake to prevent to appear in finish machining, choose the MAPAL cutting tool of odd tine only normally. Supplier of individual machine tool chooses CBN razor blade to machine a plane, this also is be forced to do. For example: The Pan Xi knife of 250 is in the diameter Vc=280m/min (the upper limit of hard alloy razor blade) when, main shaft rotate speed also has 360r/min only, electric main shaft cannot produce very good effect below this rotate speed. If good by the quality of airframe semifinished product of treatment, manufacturer can bear in producing treatment course taller cutting tool runs cost, can choose B machine tool so. Normally the circumstance falls, the trends of B machine tool answers speed faster, investment is less. Because C machine tool uses gearshift orgnaization, the main shaft of the machine tool props up span bigger. It is good that the main shaft precision of this structure machine tool maintains a gender, be in plus it in the dominant position with large torque of the power when low rotate speed, accordingly, c machine tool is treatment cast-iron first selection machine tool. □ treatment example shows to be in order to machine 4108 camshaft aperture exemple, 91H6 of workpiece long 526mm, diameter, coaxial is spent 0.

02mm, use the reamer of German MAPAL company, one-way treatment, the precision that can achieve blueprint asks. To solve this crucial problem, the company uses Sidalagehaikete the machining center of Classi CWK500 horizontal of tall tigidity, use the MAPAL accurate reamer of 3 tine, material chooses razor blade of hard alloy coating, one-way treatment. Vc=125m/min, FZ is 0.

07 ~ 0.

1mm/Z, right now main shaft rotate speed is 440r/min. The machine tool that the company provides gear speed change for the user is in Sidalagehaikete when 440r/min, main shaft offers the power output of the torque that exceeds 1000Nm and 50kW. Use razor blade of hard alloy coating to machine crankshaft aperture to be able to bring better than CBN razor blade surface surface roughness in order to give an user. Razor blade of hard alloy coating relatively impact resistance of CBN razor blade is stronger, bit won't be abrupt broken, use more safe. The speed with inferior choice of hard alloy razor blade (Vc=125m/min) when, can assure the stability of bore diameter. If the user uses the wool embryo with better quality, also can choose CBN razor blade to undertake machining, manufacturing efficiency can rise greatly. CNC Milling