Numerical control machine tool is online measure technical research

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Wait for the rapid development of production industry as aviation, spaceflight and car, the treatment of complex and high accuracy, large part and precision evaluation become the outstanding issue that pays close attention to inside course of study, the treatment that normally product of this kind of work requires to be passed for many times, measure, nap, ability satisfies a design to ask. The production equipment that numerical control machine tool regards a kind of efficient, high accuracy as got applied extensively in production enterprise, and forward high accuracy, efficient, open change, intelligence is changed, compound the way that change develops. Compound the end that change is outfit card is used as far as possible to accomplish all or major treatment task on a machine tool, in order to assure work place precision, improve manufacturing efficiency [1] . The ceaseless pursuit with the high accuracy that people machines to workpiece, efficient together with, as compositive as numerical control machine tool online measure a technology to be paid close attention to extensively in actual production. Measure way traditionally from the line, use namely disassemble of mobile workpiece detect means, involve issue of the fixed position that hold clip 2 times, make treatment result and the consistency that measure an outcome poor, bring about manufacturing cycle to lengthen, manufacturing loss of efficiency. Disassemble of mobile workpiece detect means is the main reason that block up digitlizes production whole efficiency to rise [2] . Online measure, machine namely detect with what measure a process to all be carried out on same equipment means [3] , workpiece holds card through achievable treatment and measure the job, avoided error of the fixed position that hold clip 2 times, can reduce measure cost, reduce production to assist time, raise manufacturing efficiency and treatment precision. Numerical control machine tool is online measure a technology to have sampling rate the characteristic with fast, tall precision, the digitlization data that realized workpiece is collected and precision is evaluated [4] . Measure with 3 coordinate machine (Coordinate Measuring Machining) photograph comparing, because numerical control machine tool is online,measure an environment complex, error influencing factor is more, but 3 coordinate measure machine value costly, sexual price is further than the extensive degree with application be inferior to numerical control machine tool [5] . Because this is in,precision demand is not very high when, numerical control machine tool is online measure a technology to have an advantage more. Numerical control machine tool is online measuring a technology is the main component that treatment measures unifinication technology, the function of machine tool of OK and patulous numerical control, increase the use value of existing machine tool effectively, the treatment quality that assures a spare parts [1, 6, 7] . Accordingly, numerical control machine tool is online measure those who get contemporary production business to take seriously with application, have important research and applied value, domestic and international researcher undertook in the light of this respect much research works, be in actual in undertook popularize and applied [8] . The machine tool is online measure compositive structure to show machine tool of acting numerical control than there was very big promotion in open sex respect before, the expansibility with good system of contemporary numerical control and compatibility make the three-dimensional coordinate that machine tool of a numerical control holds a certain precision concurrently measures a function to become a possibility [6, 9-10] . If machine tool and survey a system organic ground is compositive rise, while the spare parts is machined, what can realize workpiece again is online measure. Numerical control is online measure systematic composition to basically include hardware and software two parts. System of similar CNC machining, its hardware system basically includes numerical control machine tool system and the system that measure a head; Software system is to use development technology 2 times, what implementation is similar to CNC Machining process designing is online measure process designing, the NC code that gets implementation of machine tool of drive numerical control is measured [11] . Numerical control machine tool is online the principle sketch map that surveys a system is shown 1 times like the graph. Numerical control machine tool is online survey a system (if the graph shows 2 times) main component is 2 kinds: One kind is call directly basic grand program, and do not assist with the computer; Another kind of numerical control that offers according to system of machine tool numerical control dictates, system of application of user development staff is generated at any time detect program, transmit next to numerical control system in [8] . In industrial developed country, measure a head to already basically became the basic spare parts with numerical control indispensable machine tool with cutting tool, wider and wider application receives in mechanical production domain. Use on numerical control machine tool measure a main component to be 2 kinds: One kind is measure an object with machining workpiece to be, the installation when using is measured in the workpiece on machine tool main shaft measure a head; Another kind is it is with cutting tool measure an object, the cutting tool that is in emplacement of machine tool solid is measured measure a head. Normally, the machine tool is online measure using is workpiece is measured measure a head, but the hand is moved measure or the basis is measured (grand) the program undertakes be metricaled automatically to workpiece [12] . Numerical control is online surveying a system is to be based on system of numerical control machine tool development is compositive measure a system to come true, its measure process and treatment process very similar. Although numerical control machine tool is online,measure measure to have a lot of advantage, but those who have is online survey a system, it is appropriative mostly, measure a function onefold, cannot satisfy requirement of the complexity that machines a spare parts, diversity. In the machine tool online measure systematic foundation to go up, have its and CAD system compositive, through 2 development of CAD system, implementation is measured process designing and emulation test and verify, increased numerical control machine tool online metrical flexibility and working limits, realized a design + treatment + measure (Design-Manufacturing-Inspection, abbreviation D-M-I) compositive. CNC Machining, measure with the design 3 person if pursue,in the compositive sketch map of different level 3 are shown. Nextpage machine tool is online measure a process the crucial part that 1 job principle affects precision directly in online testing system is to measure a head [6] , have those who search ongoing ability to touch hairdo to measure a head most commonly used [7, 13-14] , offer to numerical control system spark signal sparks with obtaining the coordinate of the dot [9, 13] . A function with the most crucial system that measure a head is but generating program interrupts an instruction, when measuring a head to measure end and contact of the workpiece that be measured, the system that measure a head is sent to numerical control machine tool one exterior suspend a request (should suspend a request by measure a head to spark signal is offerred) . When the machine tool control system receives the bring up the rear in receiving, put the coordinate value that measures the heart that carry a ball right now through locating the system is locked up, with the coordinate value that this will come to measure end and place of contact of the workpiece that be measured certainly. The system that measure a head detects the process is shown 4 times like the graph. Contact measures a head otherer measure a head to have taller measurement precision, because the structure is simple,at the same time contact measures a head, use convenient, production cost low and taller sparking the advantage such as precision, in numerical control machine tool in online testing system be applied extensively. Online detect motion is to pass the numerical control in inputting numerical control system to detect the control of the program comes true. The numerical control system that uses as a result of numerical control machine tool is different, its control method and process designing code to wait somewhat difference. The 2 fixed position that measure a head are make numerical control machine tool can what accurate, efficient, apace finishs every time is online measure, need for many times to measure in measuring the task spark. Move in measuring a process according to measuring a head, require set 3 kinds of distances [15] , if pursue,5 are shown. (1) contact a distance beforehand. This distance is to point to the center that measure a head to contact the distance of the dot to dimension of nominal of surface of the workpiece that be measured. Measuring a head to enter before contacting a distance beforehand, measure a rapid movement. (2) search a distance. This distance set the largest space that measures a head to begin an edge to enter direction of interior of data of the hardware that be measured from the nominal dimension of the spare parts. If measure a head to be apart from in this paragraph,spark in motion, the machine tool sparks the lock surely the coordinate of the dot. Level is apart from in the search, measure a head to answer with given measure rate movement. (3) time retreat a distance. This distance is the bring into contact with that measure a head the edge after the surface that be measured turns over direction to answer the distance that retreat. The contact that measure a head is measured after the surface, break off to prevent mobile excess, the need that measure a head turns over direction to exit a paragraph of distance, answer at the same time retreat a distance must enough big, contact dot or fixed position dot beforehand with assuring to measure a head to be able to arrive at the next surely. Answering decline distance level, measure a head to withdraw speed go back in order to answer. To satisfy the different requirement that measures an each athletic level, corresponding in measuring a process 3 kinds of distances, include 3 kinds of rate, locate namely speed, measure speed and time withdraw rate. Measure speed to should take a cost lesser, in order to reduce the error of measured value, avoid to break off at the same time measuring staff. Efficiency is measured to rise in measuring a process, can mix fixed position speed time retreat speed to take a cost bigger, make sure with rapidder rate shift measures a head thereby, decrease measure time. Touching to avoid to measure a head touch be measured still move ahead after the surface and break off measuring staff, the machine tool is measured can receiving receive spark will odd journey is deleted after signal. Odd journey is deleted, measure a head to be in namely already received in process of campaign of process designing journey spark when signal, half-baked movement is jumped over after writing down next current coordinate to be worth, continue to implement a code. Nextpage is current, numerical control system all was offerred commonly measure an instruction basically, or the development unit that surveys a system or personnel also can offer what already had enclosed partly to measure an instruction to be used for the user. 3 detect machine tool of method program numerical control is online surveying a system is a kind of system that will undertake metrical through sampling [16] . The quantity that orders because of this sampling and distributinging circumstance measures immediate impact the outcome, attach most importance to especially to the measurement of free curved surface should. Right whole the surface that be measured undertakes sampling is not actual entirely, measure result reliability to rise, can use normally raise kind of test point numerary, but obtain tall accuracy while also meet great reduce measure efficiency. Because how this plans efficient, accurate detect method becomes crucial place. The machine tool is online measure detect in the program when method, satisfying the base that measures precision requirement to go up to rise as far as possible measure efficiency, satisfying the premise that measures precision to fall namely, with the shortest measurement method detects least measurement point. Measure with columnar face for exemple, reach the fixed position that measure a head model on the central line of the face, use what measurement technique can obtain high accuracy at 4 o'clock to measure an outcome. This measurement technique internally Kong Ce is measured as much applicable, measure method to see document in detail [17] . Below the guidance that method plans to ask, plane is measured, protruding stage / groove is measured and angle is measured wait to already all had affirmatory measurement method program program, detailed sees document [17] . Should undertake complex when measuring, criterion need of process designing personnel undertakes 2 times developing to CAD system, pedestrian machine is entered to measure method program and process designing interactively in CAD environment according to measuring a principle basically, graph the 6 measurement point that are based on Pro/Engineer CAD environment to undertake 2 times developing undertaking interactive place plans for Harbin Institute of Technology and measure way. Measure error analysis to be in any in measuring, as a result of the influence of all sorts of elements, gets measured value always can exist error. Approach real value accurately to make measure an outcome, need undertakes compensating to measuring an outcome, the error that because this measures the effect in the process,measures precision comprises origin to ought to be mixed to consider by anatomize. Because numerical control machine tool is online,surveying a system is it is the mother's body with the machine tool, compositive survey a system and generate. The error that so numerical control machine tool exists in treatment process is met as much in measuring a process the influence measures precision. The machine tool is online measure measure an error to basically include to measure head system error, machine tool error of athletic component fixed position, measure way unreasonable the error that cause [16] , measure head system error to be divided again among them wait to measure error of a static receiver error, trends that measure a head and the mounting error that measure a head to go up in the machine tool. The static receiver error that measure a head includes dead band sum of errors to measure a head to repeat fixed position error, it is changed as measuring staff length, stiffness and the change that contact pressure. Dead band error is to point to measure a head to be after osculatory workpiece, of measuring staff happening curve deflection [18] . Measure a head to repeat photograph of fixed position error relatively lesser to dead band error, because this measures a static receiver error,basically decide by dead band error. Error of the trends that measure a head is main with the contact when measuring a head to detect speed and interval of numerical control systematic sampling are concerned. Measuring a head is to pass the knife handle with machine tool form a complete set to install machine tool main shaft to go up, as a result of the axes that measure a head and main shaft axes in be opposite not completely, the mounting error that existence measures a head [3, 19] , just cause to the middle of measure in how measure an error. Those who measure head and main shaft is incorrect in mounting error, can pass before measuring measure a prejudicial demarcate to undertake the part is compensated. Wait for an element as a result of the production of component of numerical control machine tool, tracking error that assembles error, servo and clearance, attrition, each job component is having the machine tool when measuring movement, can produce fixed position error. Besides, the radius error that measures a head also is a main source of error, compensation of the radius that measure a head can be passed to eliminate when data processing [14] . But in be being measured actually, the case is relatively complex, error of the radius that measure a head will introduce measure an outcome, the measurement in free curved surface in the process, this error is more apparent. Be aimed at a lot of source of error in measuring a process, the error compensation algorithm of efficient, high accuracy is a crucial problem that solves urgently. In applying actually, can use for many times measure, error compensation reduce measure an error, rise measure precision. The machine tool of compositive numerical control that the machine tool measures system and CAD is online measure the typical delegate that regards M-I as mode, shortened greatly production is periodic. But in applying actually, because did not join with the design model photograph of the spare parts, cause the presence when measuring method to plan interactively a lot of inconvenience. In addition, when undertaking rework according to measuring an outcome, can cause the accumulation of the error. After implementation D-M-I mode is compositive, can undertake compensating in the light of this error [20] , rise further thereby measure precision. Be opposite in view of D-M-I mode photograph the numerical control machine tool at M-I mode is online measure a system to have taller precision and flexibility, in the light of the structure the treatment of complex part, measure with nap, the numerical control machine tool that we used D-M-I pattern is online measure with treatment, measure in order to rise, treatment precision. Be linked together PC and numerical control machine tool, what basically complete CAD system and CAI software system on the PC is compositive, the hardware system that completes NC system and CAI on numerical control machine tool is compositive, what realize CAD/NC/CAI thereby is compositive, construction of system is shown 7 times like the graph. Be aimed at with example below Nextpage specific the implementation measure that surveys a system undertakes introductory. According to the demand of the user, the numerical control machine tool that chooses Pro/Engineer to regard D-M-I as mode is online the CAD system that surveys a system. Come through model of numerical control machine tool and workpiece model are being built in Pro/Engineer environment the treatment with effective imitate measures an environment, plan and emulate test and verify what undertake metrical orbit and treatment contrail in this environment. Relevant function undertakes coming true through 2 development of Pro/Engineer, if pursue,bill of fare of development new function is added in Pro/Engineer 8. This machine tool is online the operation measure that surveys a system is: Handlers operates model of spare parts of target of the to load in the environment to virtual numerical control above all; Undertake initialization of fictitious operation environment is operated subsequently, its purpose is to build remove theatrical makeup and costume of fictitious operation environment to match the commutation matrix of component of the relation between coordinate department and department of coordinate of actual machine tool, each motion; Finally, operation personnel chooses to undertake the face chooses metrical according to functional menu, measure way program, measure a process to emulate wait for an operation. Revise when need be machined (measure) when the spare parts, this part that needs to leave fictitious environment only activations, revise after finishing, will whole fictitious environment activations afresh, can undertake operating to its afresh. This system carries CAI operation software 2 times development the technology is compositive fall to Pro/Engineer environment, make CAD system and CAI system implementation are not had seam join. Those who be based on Pro/Engineer is fictitious measure environmental compose to build, can realize the imitate of actual unit process of cargo bandling, undertake dependability test and verify to measure or machining a process, if pursue,9 are shown. The basis measures collection coordinate data, according to the assessment technique that evaluates face be metricaled, calculable give evaluation target, if pursue,10 are shown. Conclusion measures head system and numerical control machine tool compositive the machine tool that make is online survey a system, OK and apparent cut production assists time, reduce worker labor intensity, improve manufacturing efficiency, return at the same time cut by the percent defective that measures an error to bring about from the line, developed the property of numerical control machine tool adequately. The application that the machine tool measures can reduce intermediate segment, assure to machine precision, improve the process capability of numerical control machine tool; The digitlization data that can realize workpiece is collected, later period is returned but system of CAD of have the aid of can achieve workpiece appearance three-dimensional reframe. The machine tool that is based on D-M-I mode is online survey a system, carry 2 development to CAD, can make full use of the figure with powerful CAD is alternant ability and design function, the user undertakes metrical the program of method interactively, the application of convenient system. The research of this direction and the development that use a system have greater applied value, also promoted the application of numerical control machine tool the standard at the same time. CNC Milling