Research and development of shake expensive machine machine of Die Casting of first cold room

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In domain of our country plastic machinery, the market demand of machine of cold room Die Casting is amounted to 70% , and 30% what the demand of machine of hot cell Die Casting takes Die Casting trade only. The limited company of Guangzhou shake expensive machinery that devotes oneself to development of machine of hot cell Die Casting, production all the time, adjust product structure energetically, machine of Die Casting of first of development cold room trial-produce is successful a few days ago. Machine of Die Casting of 268 tons of when this company makes cold rooms uses casing type head, tigidity is good and weight is light, use the computer to control, make lock up model, attune to be shot model, slow all but numerical control is adjusted; Use exit structure; Overall the design pays attention to environmental protection, used environmental protection fused furnace. CNC Milling