Use dust the turning treatment that mark handstand car has horniness stuff

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Current, many high-tech material is applied at the car, can improve the service life of the safety performance of the car and car component on one hand so, can make its oneself weight is reduced on the other hand, reduce the sources of energy to use up thereby. To can assure the high accuracy of the economy that component machines and workpiece, must use newest technology, equipment and treatment technology. An innovation that good car develops in this process namely solution, the workpiece of sclerotic to the course processing undertakes the surface is machined, machine photograph comparing with grinding, can shorten greatly handling time saves investment cost. Dust mark rolls out the car of VL 5 handstand that makes personally for good car volume only. The structure of VL 5 machine tool has a series of advantages inside limits of application of this high level. For quite a long time, the user of all trades and professions makes the requirement offerring money of the enterprise never be changed to supplier and product, namely best product quality, agile production batch and inferior product unit price. But these requirements are in the process that the material of sclerotic to the course processing has the surface is machined is very difficult accomplish, because undertake to workpiece grinding machines need to invest a large number of time, still can arise to be mixed relative to higher tool cost at the same time energy cost. But there is another choice now, can undertake small lot is produced already, it is at the same time in big batch production application gets more and more technology, it is good car. The reason is very simple: This craft can offer same exterior quality, can shorten the link in producing craft chain. Another is important the element is, compare with grinder photograph, lathe more economy and daily the sources of energy is used up lower. In addition, good car and grinding as it happens are contrary, use treatment doing type mostly, be more the treatment craft of environmental protection. The turning expert that good car treatment reflects machine tool structure to design advantage dust mark was development of this innovation technology to give the solution with an accurate essence on the design platform of car of VL 5 handstand. When undertaking horniness material turning, machine tool and cutting tool bear very high load, but the superior performance that also showed a structure to design detail to bring at the same time, because machine tool lathe bed is used, is mineral cast. Of concrete polymer fight brace up function comparing is cast-iron should tall eightfold. "Vibration of the machine tool when undertaking workpiece is machined is less acquire better exterior quality more easily, the service life that still can prolong cutting tool in addition " , german dust mark accuses a He Hao of chief inspector of area of limited company Asia-Pacific like that gentleman explanation says. The vertical structure design of equipment is mature also arrived the economy of working procedure: Bear the weight of the main shaft of workpiece and be located in by treatment workpiece the upper part of cutting tool, this offerred an optimal condition to cut bits, the scrap that is come down by turning arrives through cutting bits conveyer belt to carry outside the machine tool, all slideway above and of work area outside, mix without dirt cut bits to be able to enter its inside, obtained very good protection. These detail rose to machine the dependability of the consistency of precision and craft not only, still saved equipment to maintain cost at the same time. Dust the function characteristic with important another of center of turning of mark handstand type is its compositive automation system. What use here is a conveyer belt structure that moves circularly, wool blank is located in inside the lozenge casing on conveyer belt, be sent directly take makings stand, workpiece main shaft is taken makings, undertake machining next. The fluctuation makings of workpiece is very fast, because lade,the travel space between the position and treatment position has 550mm only, shortened greatly blame cutting time. Does low investment cost have conviction to use likewise dust does center of turning of mark handstand type undertake what possibility treatment of horniness material turning can offer? Here, we offer supplier of domain of a car to produce the example of gear to try to explain. Use center of a VL 5 turning to be able to think gear-box of a double separation and reunion produces 8 kinds of different gear wheel. After workpiece is undertaking sclerotic processing, must go up in equipment above all external the circle has thick car, will most the take out of a sclerotic layer outside. Solder transmission synchronism annulus outside VL 5 next on, reuse dust mark turning machine tool undertakes final turning. Before this this user uses grinder to undertake similar pull current Cheng. "This enterprise begins to use hard turning technology in not long ago, because the investment cost of VL 5 machine tool is a lot of lower. " He Hao like that gentleman explanation. The exterior quality that uses the finished product gear that good car craft makes did not produce change, still very tall. "Use VL 5 to have good car, to it before adopt grinder craft posture a lot of faster than wanting, integral floor-to-floor time shortened apparently. " He Hao like that the gentleman says. Does from treatment bearing annulus arrive is treatment gear likewise outstanding whether can good car replace grinding machine completely? "This depends on a series of elements. When the product surface that asks when place for example is very strict, we can offer advisory opinion for the user and offer optimal technique " , he Hao like that the gentleman continues to say, "If can use good car to undertake machining, the first choice still is it of course " . Besides installation cost cost low beyond, a lot of users " abandon " the reason of grinding is apparent still. Can machine in the turning in the working environment of a set finish, need transhipment of through cargo to arrive on a machine tool no longer, integral productivity gets rising significantly. Dust mark has offerred money up to now equipment of 3500 VL series, new user also can share among them experience. "Criterion is with the requirement of the user all the time when we are undertaking the machine tool is designed, through this kind working way just can have specific aim ground to improve the performance of equipment. " the work that makes in center of handstand type turning is various, and the amount is indeterminate, but precision and efficiency demand are very high, resemble gear and bearing loop. "This system can get used to aleatoric batch and batch, those who make me the most contented is the shortest pitch time and very high treatment quality. These advantages obtain user affirmation ceaselessly. Can save through good car whole a working procedure, this already the cost advantage that enough proves to use VL 5. " He Hao like that the gentleman emphasizes finally. CNC Milling