Exterior outline milling of Gao Shuiping is machined

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The spare parts treatment of mould manufacturing industry and course of study of boat Nature's engineering can use modern high speed cutting (HSC) the result that the technology gets optimization. If want to achieve the economy goal of technology of high speed cutting, so the athletic speed that is about to make machine tool and numerical control system can answer way of cutting of prep above convention. Speed of machine tool motion not only want very fast, process form also must accurate, numerical control system must machine the accurately control on method to be mixed quickly in process designing outline retarded motion. To answer the contradiction between quality of handling time, surface and geometrical precision, system of contemporary numerical control must be milling machine and the solution that machine craft to offer optimization. And final user also can adjust the milling result with final control through simple parameter. The method control ability of CNC system is the critical factor that handling time affects below specific precision and exterior quality condition. Graph 1 free appearance is machined (hyperboloid) cutting of high speed of mould manufacturing industry (HSC) the technical requirement to system of machine tool numerical control was tall hardness material and treatment of alloy tool steel to offer a lot of brand-new choice. After technique of classical electric spark form cutting, technology of high speed cutting processes tall hardness data directly more and more show remarkable economy. One of prominent dominant positions of HSC technology are its temperature during treatment distributinging circumstance and quantity of heat eliminate ability. It is OK that feed of high speed cutting, high speed and small cutting deepness make cut bits belt of will much quantity of heat leaves work. The requirement of HSC and rate of feed of influence HSC treatment are old, taller to machining the acceleration of outline of curved surface workpiece to ask. It can stress the Electromechanical performance that reflects a machine tool. If feed drive acceleration increases, inevitable meeting makes the structure of the machine tool bears bigger acceleration force. In addition, cause the vibration of the machine tool easily also, affect exterior quality. This is in with respect to system of demand numerical control shorten as far as possible the exercise that achieves optimal surface to machine quality is had to control capacity below handling time and requirement of contented precision requirement. Numerical control system must offer first-rate method to control a method for machine tool manufacturer and user. Machine tool manufacturer needs numerical control system to control the character of the machine tool OK and optimally. Numerical control system should be athletic control and operating ring of feed drive electric machinery to offer parameter, and have reasonable structure. The machine tool often evaluates its performance through spare parts of final precision work. What must carry out each treatment task to ensure loud dynamic noise should not cause a machine tool is oscillatory. Accordingly, numerical control system must cooperate cheek by jowl with the machine tool in order to ensure any treatment tasks have tall dynamic property. Handling time can be reduced below the premise that user of CNC machine tool asks numerical control system is satisfying workpiece precision. Achieve claimed accuracy not to need time-consuming test, first treatment must can achieve a requirement. These requirements must be defined in NC program, the demand that with ensuring batch produces. And, it is to make the handling time of the mould is controlled inside acceptable range, free shape face often uses milling of method of move back and forth. Such, numerical control system is returned must can generate what machine outline from opposite way to be able to repeat cutting tool method. Otherwise, attaint surface quality. The influence of data processing ability to workpiece surface quality, with metallic cutting method treatment spare parts involves a large number of intermediate step, turn appearance of CAD model geometry through these measure for cutting tool method; CAD (CAD) ; CAM (CAM) ; CNC (computer number is controlled) ; Electromechanical system. Optimized quality of handling time, surface and workpiece precision to raise the following basic requirement to CNC system: Monitor outline common difference effectively; After athletic way is changed, accurate repetition photograph adjacent method; Expensive dynamic campaign won't bring about vibration. Move to 2D cutting tool, ability of data processing catenary can use the KGM182 2D coder of Hai Dehan company to detect to the influence of workpiece precision. The demonstrates unit to be able to reveal system of Hai Dehan ITNC 530 exercise that attends through planer-type milling machine controls character. KGM is final the foundation that can realize outline precision checks a tool. Graph faster, precision mixes method of cutting tool of TCP of milling cutter of 2 balls head higher the NC process that more accurate outline controls face of shape of freedom of outline public errand effectively is generated with CAM system normally, it is comprised by a large number of simple line segment. System of Hai Dehan numerical control can automatic and flowing processing transfers appearance, maintain cutting tool to be in at the same time workpiece is apparently successive motion. This detects the systematic interior function of outline deviation, can automata is flowing handle a process. In free appearance apparently, the cost of outline public errand that the deviation of model of CAD geometry appearance includes to define and the bowstring that CAM system defines are differred high. Depend on to the ultimate effect of workpiece the acceleration of character of machine tool whole and feed axis adjusts value and acceleration. The method of ITNC 530 controls a function to OK and flowing processing is quickened and satisfy requirement of outline public errand, it is even speed is machined in outline when acuteness change (graph 3) . If can define bigger common difference, can shorten significantly handling time. In this exemple, machine outline tolerancepublic errand from 0.

01mm relaxes 0.

02mm, handling time shortens 12% . Graph graph of 3 local enlarge, the outline of indication TCP monitors nominal method to pursue 4 for effect of optimization motion pilot. Machine free shape face with reciprocate (rate of process designing feed is 10m/min, surplus of mill of essence of life is 0.

1mm) . The workpiece surface off quality of graph 4a. The treatment that uses ITNC 530 system is like graph 4b place to show as a result, repeatability of photograph adjacent method is good. Ab pursues the much knife milling that 4 inverting move, the repeatability 4a of method of photograph adjacent cutting: The exterior quality that deviation of photograph adjacent method brings about drops 4b: Result of milling of ITNC 530 system: The feed rate that HSC milling technology asks like advancement and the surface that retrograde motion machines is the enormous challenge of systems of pair of machine tool numerical control. Achieve taller outline to machine average rate ability to shorten only handling time. But, if have way of smaller part way, must lower athletic rate greatly, inside the tolerancepublic errand belt that allows in order to make sure method deviation is in. In addition, still can cause vibration of machine tool structure with retarded motion quickly, harm workpiece surface quality. Carry fast the outstanding characteristic that the flowing sport control with acceleration is system of Hai Dehan numerical control. It restrains machine tool vibration effectively. According to need, numerical control system still can reduce rate of process designing feed automatically to make oscillatory dangerous sex falls lowest. Vibration of effective precaution machine tool makes part program is carried out with higher athletic rate, because this can be remarkable,shorten handling time. Graph 5 real positions use 2D coder to in the circle horny part is measured and be recorded, one is worth filter to process NC data with nominal position, another is not worth filter with name (it is 5a and 5b respectively) graph the machine tool cutting tool of the 5 outline that it is 2D is actual method. If carry fast without flowing processing, quicken athletic phase machine tool to produce vibration (graph 5a) . The athletic control function of the ITNC 530 system of Hai Dehan company can avoid serious vibration effectively (graph 5b) . Graph the extraordinary effect that the workpiece surface quality of 6 shows motion of system of numerical control of Hai Dehan company to control a function clearly again. Along graphic representation circular arc motion needs to be in the acceleration that changes an axis in each bits, cause machine tool vibration (graph 6a) . ITNC 530 is carried through flowing processing fast gained high quality face, affect without vibration (graph 6b) . Ab pursues the influence of vibration of 6 machine tools to workpiece surface: 6a: Without carry fast flowing processing, z axis vibration brings about exterior cut 6b: The technology of milling of HSC of exterior quality problem that the motion of ITNC 530 system controlled a function to avoid vibration effectively to bring about is mixed to mould manufacturing industry the treatment craft of spaceflight industry has conclusive effect. The feed rate that HSC milling technology asks is enormous challenge to system of machine tool numerical control. Precision of surface of handling time, outline and exterior quality are the element of mutual contradiction, the system of ITNC 530 numerical control of Hai Dehan company can ensure the treatment that contented actor chooses asks. Because this can prevent machine tool vibration, satisfy high accuracy requirement, shorten at the same time handling time. In addition, the Xiang Linxi of ITNC 530 cuts method repeatability tall, ensure the user realizes treatment of surface of high quality workpiece, with move back and forth craft of much knife milling shortens handling time. What ITNC 530 established numerical control, drive and machine tool structure to cooperate each other is brand-new standard. Make the batch spare parts of the user is produced from first can achieve high quality to machine the effect. CNC Milling