Cast the simple method that body of a powerful person underlines

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The benchwork that casts semifinished product of system of a powerful person is underlined all the time since it is one is bothered already cost the working procedure between again, exist because of body of this kind of a powerful person oil path is complex and irregular phenomenon, oil duct of consideration of the need when underlining and snail keyhole, oil duct and bolt of whorl Kong Ji or whorl Kong Yumao the wall of base appearance is large, still need give attention to two or morethings at the same time a lot of dimension. For example: Oil duct and system of a powerful person are standard the dimension of end panel, consider a little not, problem of spare parts quality can appear in the process of working procedure treatment from the back, serious when can make the spare parts discards as useless. Especially when the novice is underlined, make mistake more easily. If pursue,a shown lock stops body of a powerful person, it is place of my company product there is a representative most in using system of numerous a powerful person, body of this a powerful person has decisive effect in the product of my company. The dotted line part in the graph is aperture of heart of two a powerful person, diagonal part is each oil duct, pane part is bolt aperture, besmear is aperture of pin of heart of a powerful person blackly, among them oil duct part is to cast go out, the others all is become for machining of follow-up working procedure. Each screw, each oil duct all with fiducial and 4 is having inseparable concern with B, there all is 0 on the design.

The form of 1mm less than tolerancepublic errand requirement, the 5mm of mural thick ≥ of bolt aperture and appearance, oil duct, assemble the requirement of intensity in order to make sure sealed effect mixes oil path. According to craft arrangement wood path is underlined is undertake after mill is planar, benchwork need is put according to casting oil duct already A of datum plane of mill plane lay off and B. It is with body of this a powerful person here exemple introduce a kind to underline a method handily to everybody. Can be the treatment with proper lay off of follow-up working procedure to assure this line working procedure fiducial and referenced line, the design measure that we use the system of a powerful person of organic glass basis with large 5mm especially is the same as scale 1: 1 make underline example, aperture of appearance, oil duct, bolt and pin Kong Jun by line out of machining center of numerical control vertical exact position, its deepness is 0.

5mm, width is 0.

2mm, after using Tu Gong of red lead pink with respect to make it. If pursue,2 are shown. When using, should underline this only example aims each oil duct, at the same time give attention to two or morethings the 5mm(of mural thick ≥ of each aperture is visual) , delimit next the datum line of face of A, B can. Through two batches of spare partses (80) try application, discovery not only the line of lay off satisfies treatment requirement completely, and when what using, ask to still do not exceed 2min, it is the 1/20 that decides man-hour formerly only, still can examine at the same time with it the after casting blemish and treatment of body of a powerful person total check working procedure of semifinished product oil duct, appearance, the effect is very apparent. We had expanded this kind of method application went to all casting nowadays underline, semifinished product examines, form is complex working procedure examines and the total check after these spare partses are machined, all obtained very good result. CNC Milling