Leap when razor blade of new generation silver-colored tiger brings Waerte greatly

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The choice uses tool manufacturer -- one of important clients of razor blade of Waerteji's round Yin Hu of new generation Tigertec Silver are the MSB GmbH that is located in area of German Bavaria Bischofsheim An Der Rhön&Co.

KG company. This company is be engaged in workbench technically exchanging a system to make, the company that production of machinist Cheng, equipment and contract create. This company spoke very highly of this kind of new-style razor blade, and can make to them life of its milling cutter turns over the result of times to feel very glad. Besides, this kind of razor blade still reduced machine tool and cutting tool cost. The length of the workpiece on the large portable milling machine of MSB company can amount to 5m. The batholith of this milling machine and workbench exchange system are integrated, this kind of construction is the one share that milling machine manufacturer plans. Michael Zimmer of machine tool operator issued several kilograms metal to cut bits from the cutting on the machine tool. Not long ago, the Waerte that milling head place matched Tu Youquan new coat bit. Michael Zimmer says: "After using this kind of bit, we notice the tremendous change of place happening immediately, namely the service life of cutting tool turned over 3 times almost. " change to cover with tiles oldly with a new razor blade merely Er spy razor blade, change designation cutting material (the difference that old cutting material and new cutting material have a letter only) , so slight change brought tremendous change to machine a process however. The is used at treatment cutting tool data that uses before MSB company is WKP35, material of new cutting tool is WKP35S, letter " S " represent " Yin Hu " , as identical as the word in brand name Tigertec Silver. WKP35S is coating of another world that manufacturer of tool of graph guest root covers with tiles Er spy group is rolled out to the market's top-ranking CVD carbonization tungsten, the change of cutting tool material makes cutting tool function promoted 50% ~ 100% . Tigertec Silve technology is a foundation with special coating and brand-new finishing craft, reduced the pressure that bit surface generates to coating greatly, new treatment craft also compensated the inevitable frangibility question in CVD coating craft greatly, increased the toughness of cutting tool material. The surface of new-style cutting tool is mixed with face of the knife before successive black argent hind knife face is characteristic, it maintained wear away the function that monitor (this function already was become aureate " Tigertec " the feature of bit) . Practice proves it is company of the world's top-ranking cutting tool MSB is one of first clients of the benefit in using product of distinctive new-style Tigertec Silver. Waerte and this tool supplier cooperate already know exactly about sth year. The milling cutter of this company, broach and tap come from Waerte, if the diameter is the integral hard alloy between 2 ~ 25mm,establish milling cutter and bit diameter to be the milling cutter between 16 ~ 200mm. The production of MSB company and contract make manager Mr Norbert Gensler say: "The impact between we and tool supplier affects for the partner. The support that tool manufacturer gives us is more, we in the market competition ability is stronger. This that is to say, cover with tiles Er spy company is helping us promote competition ability all the time. " they are very glad to can use such cutting tool. This domain technologist and maintain the help that the expert provides and proposal to MSB character is very valuable also. Norbert Gensler still says: "Although we are in,they put forward short time introversion requirement, they also can carry cutting tool apace to our company. " razor blade of new generation silver-colored tiger already brought more benefit for us now. Waerte field service employee -- the position with the technology seeks advice and sell the Stefan Ortlepp of the ministry to think he is being held the position of significant, he says: "The rate that we introduce technique of acrobatics of newest tile Er successfully in producing a course is rapidder, our work efficiency is taller. Anyhow, its key is to improve manufacturing system ceaselessly, ensure Bischofsheim makes equipment can develop better in future thereby. " small series, large part machines pair of MSB companies reliably quickly and character is crucial. The MSB of machinist Cheng company that has 110 stuff basically produces machine tool fittings, be carried like workpiece and store system, workbench exchange system, workbench clamp system, main shaft changes system and milling head change system. This company is the supplier of manufacturer of all famous milling machine on international and home market. Can machine dimension to be the workbench of 5m × 15m, carry many tons of 100 heavy cutting tool. Another product is machining center of cast of KOMBIMAT semifinished product, basically use at purify to cast and forging Mao Bian. MSB bought company of German IBS Industriemaschinen Bergbau Service GmbH 1994, employee number added 70 people. The opportunity cutting a head that IBS basically creates mining machine and channel driving opportunity and relevant carry a system. The collaboration between two companies results from pair of machine tools and solder to be used of equipment jointly. The contract is made is the very important one part in MSB business, this company can supply the part that satisfies its norms requirement to the client, use at soldering equipment, carriage system or assemble and unassemble orgnaization or other unit, milling length amounts to 14m, solder the branch can produce what weight amounts to 30 tons to solder spare parts. Be the characteristic that a series of products and this service defined this company. The company is capable to machine individual spare parts and small-sized spare parts, but its advantage depends on processing large work (treatment accuracy is most the factor that considers first) . The client of the company comes from a lot of disparate industries, if machinist Cheng industry, cutting tool makes industry, automobile industry, aerospace industry, transmission,make industry and bearing trade. The client of IBS covers the branch such as driving of mining, channel and data processing. Spare time offerred the Wolfgang Faust of advantage technology manager that has competition ability to say to fix a price: "These client natural resources make we are in the position of the advantage in intense commercial competition. Although produced economic crisis, but IBS did not cut down the member of persons employed, and the working hours of its business section also did not shorten. " but intense price competition is a problem however, only method is to improve manufacturing efficiency. Silver-colored tiger razor blade of Waerte and emerge as the times require of material of WKP35S cutting tool, in the large work of MSB company treatment needs 50-100 hour normally, need cuts bits clearedly to amount to several tons. Production and contract make manager Norbert Gensler say: "This means us must spare time, shorten the service life that prolongs cutting tool to the handling time of every workpiece. " . Cover with tiles Stefan Ortlepp of Er spy field service employee described MSB company the success that large portable milling machine gains in this respect. He says: "Prolong the service life of bit at least double mean need to shorten greatly operator changes the machine down time when bit. This brought cogent change for spare parts treatment, especially the workpiece with those longer handling time. " new silver-colored tiger technology recorded accurate milling parameter, answer the client asked to produce tool carrier. The data of WKP35 cutting tool that comparative past uses and the new WKP35S with bit same figure discover after cutting tool material: The honest service life of every cutting blade increases 36m from 18m, increased that is to say 100% , treatment speed promoted 20% , because this annual machine tool uses efficiency,got very big rise. Improve treatment performance further these numbers produced major effect to the large-scale treatment working procedure of MSB company. When machining cutting tool, totle drilling cost and photograph comparing is managing before 20% . Accordingly, technical manager Mr Wolfgang Faust of MSB company and IBS company feels very glad for this. He says: "Waerte is used before us because it is the best product on the market,cutting tool is. Now, tigertec Silver technology brought tremendous breakthrough for the production of cutting tool again. Taller milling efficiency makes we reduced the cost of end item. This is meant in current the times with this price intense competition, we still have stronger competition ability. " Mr Norbert Gensler thinks current limitation is not by new Yin Hu bit arises, arise by machine tool efficiency however. He says: "In fact, even if high-powered machine tool also cannot achieve the speed that makes cutting tool gets be usinged completely and feed rate at present, this also is a when machining industry should pay close attention to potential domain. " because cutting tool cost is reduced and machine tool ability gets promotion, tool carrier is machined on the portable milling machine that so silver-colored tiger razor blade is 65kW in milling ability but greatly managing finished cost. CNC Milling