Solder of monolayer drill rod exceeds hard abrasive emery wheel and green to make

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Green is made is human society can develop the strategy to be reflected mediumly in manufacturing industry continuously essentially. Green production process can use a figure 1 will express. In the use that manufacturing industry counteracts a product in the production process that is resource change the product and litter of existence of the metropolis in the processing process after discarding as useless, litter is the main source that manufacturing industry pollutes to the environment. Accordingly, green is made even if should use raw material less as far as possible, make resource utilization rate as far as possible tall, deserted resource as far as possible little. A when serve as manufacturing industry main component -- grinding treatment, the production of its emery wheel and use none exceptional also existence to wear resources waste and environmental protection problem, solder of new-style monolayer drill rod exceeds the production process of hard abrasive emery wheel, use especially process and reclaim use, in resource conservation and environmental protection respect more traditional emery wheel is having clear advantage, the green that can raise grinding to machine a process greatly is made degree. 1 tradition is multilayer the sort that exceeds hard abrasive emery wheel to exceed hard abrasive emery wheel and character see subordinate list, traditional and multilayer the main drawback that exceeds hard abrasive emery wheel is many abrasive be stuck to receive agent bag to be buried together, space of bits of emery wheel look is lesser, did not allow bits space even, should rely on nap emery wheel to keep emery wheel sharp. In grinding treatment process, as the passivation that wears bead, emery wheel jams very easily, grinding force rises, cause on one hand grind broken or bead is whole to fall off (from acute) , make a lot of abrasive are wasted for nothing, on the other hand grinding power comsumption increases, grinding temperature rises to be caused easily by the exterior burn of treatment spare parts, make the spare parts discards as useless, create needless waste: To drop grinding temperature, reduce grinding burn, use cooling fluid in great quantities in grinding process, of result cooling fluid discharge the pollution that creates an environment again, make the green chroma of grinding treatment is reduced greatly, make with the green that advocates at present not agree with badly. Subordinate list is commonly used the sort that exceeds hard abrasive emery wheel and its are characteristic and multilayer can repair sort of monolayer emery wheel to cultivate emery wheel of bond of metal of emery wheel of bond of pottery and porcelain of fat bond emery wheel to eletroplate metal of pottery and porcelain of colophony of type of bond of emery wheel of solder of emery wheel drill rod (metal) normal temperature of metallurgy of powder of agglomeration of high temperature of solidify of metallic workmanship hot pressing eletroplates high temperature drill rod- - combinative strength repairs whole difficulty high not high, it is easy and difficult that Xiu Rui still is needed after plastic, xiu Rui still is needed after plastic need not nap need not repair other to not be able to bear or endure lukewarm, easy ageing is able to bear or endure lukewarm, anti-corrosive be able to bear or endure lukewarm, thermal conductivity good abrasive gives dew to make an appointment with 30% abrasive of 20 ~ to give dew to amount to monolayer of 70% ~ 80%2 to eletroplate highly highly exceed hard abrasive emery wheel to overcome a tradition multilayer the defect that emery wheel wastes a large number of abrasive, people invented monolayer to eletroplate exceed hard abrasive emery wheel, opposite at multilayer emery wheel, eletroplate emery wheel has the following advantage. Eletroplate craft is simple, emery wheel preparation is easy: Although have monolayer abrasive only, but still have enough tall service life: Need not nap, use convenient: The top job rate that monolayer structure itself decided to it can not achieve other emery wheel. Be monolayer eletroplates these advantages of emery wheel oneself, make it owns quite large share all the time in the manufacturing application that exceeds hard abrasive emery wheel, exceeding high speed especially in high speed is to holding unquestionable dominant position more in grinding. In fact, because the likelihood eletroplates a large number of application of emery wheel aborning, just make its a few malpractice that were not taken seriously originally begin to be exposed stage by stage come out, eletroplate among them the inherent blemish with not high strength of emery wheel union is exposed most adequately. Eletroplate the film metal on emery wheel is not to grind a bond that the industry says on firm sense, because be not put in firm metallurgy chemistry to be united in wedlock,go up in the interface of film metal and matrix and abrasive, abrasive just is buried to enchase by mechanical bag actually in film metal, hold is not consequently big, it is in the efficient grinding work with heavier load, emery wheel falls off easily because of wearing bead or film is become piece flake and bring about integral invalidation. Additional also because nonexistent firm metallurgy chemistry is united in wedlock, grind the height giving dew of bead in order to decrease to increase hold to must increase film ply, this brought the space that hold bit again small, emery wheel is incidental the malpractice that jam, the result should use cooling fluid in great quantities again to drop grinding temperature, this and multilayer the inadequacy that emery wheel creates a field in green is just the same. Additionally emery wheel is in eletroplate use in the process eletroplate fluid also can cause environmental pollution. Apparent, be in what advocate green to make energetically today, monolayer eletroplates these inherent malpractice that exceed hard abrasive emery wheel can restrict its application in manufacturing industry greatly necessarily. Solder of 3 monolayer drill rod exceeds hard abrasive emery wheel to exceed the advantage of hard abrasive emery wheel to develop monolayer more adequately, abroad begins to be replaced with solder of high temperature drill rod eletroplate developed a kind to have change the new-style emery wheel of the meaning -- solder of drill rod of monolayer high temperature exceeds hard abrasive emery wheel. Monolayer of solder of high temperature drill rod exceeds hard abrasive emery wheel, its starting point is the chemical metallurgy adhesion on the interface that solder of expectation Jie drill rod can offer from go up at all improve abrasive, bond (material of gold of drill rod seam) , matrix 3 person the combinative strength between. The combinative strength on the interface that offers as a result of place of solder of high temperature drill rod is such tall, down to needs to will grind ply of layer of the union between bead to maintain the 20% ~ that grinding a height only of 30% very low-level on, be in with respect to enough firm ground controls the high speed of big negative charge to wear bead in efficient grinding. So thin combinative layer ply means emery wheel of drill rod solder to be able to be offerred be as high as 70% ~ the abrasive of 80% is bare height, expanded greatly grind the ample space holding bit between bead, integrated result makes the monolayer emery wheel of drill rod solder was obtained going up somehow the ideal and sharp landforms that can rival with the arenaceous belt with electrostatic arenaceous establish. The combinative intensity with extremely high emery wheel of drill rod solder adds adjacent and ideal sharp landforms, already made it shows the superior performance that traditional emery wheel can not compare, because for example combines strength tall, although be in what the grinding of big negative charge still can avoid effectively to wear bead, bond layer in exercise to fall off to appear with the circumstance that flake, of monolayer abrasive use more sufficient, emery wheel life is taller, raised the utilization rate of abrasive resource greatly: As a result of emery wheel the sharp, space that hold bit jams greatly, not easily, be in consequently with eletroplate below the treatment condition with same emery wheel, grinding force, power is used up, grinding temperature is lower, can be close to cold conditions cutting even, it is OK to such making that grinding treatment process is medium use cooling fluid less even need not cooling fluid, reduced the discharges pair of environment place to cause pollution of cooling fluid, raised the green chroma that grinding machines substantially, make grinding is machined forward green makes progress, the strategy that accords with what advocate now to be able to develop continuously. Emery wheel of drill rod solder is additionally right in production process the environment is nonexistent also any pollution, the research of the emery wheel of drill rod solder that if author near future uses Ni-Cr alloy,has below vacuum condition. 4 development develop monolayer to exceed the monolayer that hard abrasive emery wheel uses on production at present to exceed hard abrasive emery wheel not to have one exception eletroplate, the design that exceeds hard abrasive emery wheel about monolayer of drill rod solder and development still are blank. Since solder of monolayer drill rod exceeds hard abrasive emery wheel to have so clear advantage, it replaces a tradition to eletroplate emery wheel will be inevitable, we should develop emery wheel of solder of development drill rod energetically. Author near future around move monolayer of drill rod solder exceeded hard abrasive emery wheel to do a series of experiment research, obtained better result. Graph 2 it is us the SEM photograph of the emery wheel of diamond of monolayer of drill rod solder that issues development success in vacuum condition with Ni-Cr alloy. (The SEM of emery wheel of diamond of monolayer of solder of A) drill rod pursues (emery wheel of solder of B) drill rod is single the SEM graph of a diamond pursues the SEM graph of emery wheel of diamond of monolayer of solder of drill steel of 2 Ni-Cr alloy CNC Milling